Judge Greenlights Class Action Against DirecTV

A California Superior Court judge has just been given the go ahead to a class action lawsuit against DirecTV over their practice of charging early termination fees.

The suit started with a complaint from an LA resident last September, who was hit with a $240 fee even though DirecTV failed to provide service. Then it was combined with another suit from two other California residents:

That suit, Imburgia, et. al, v. DirecTV, Inc., alleges that DirecTV failed to disclose that it had mandatory contract “terms of service,” and that cancelling the service ahead of time would incur termination fees. DirecTV, much like cell phone companies, would also use instances of replacing equipment or making changes to the service to automatically extend the customer’s contract. The suit alleges that the practices were not disclosed to customers beforehand.

If you have had a bad early termination fee experience with DirecTV, whether you live in California or not, you can contact the attorneys to share your information.

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