Don't Buy These Worthless Pieces Of Junk …Or Should You?

Over at WalletPop, they’ve made a lovely slideshow of what are, in their opinion, the “20 Most Worthless Pieces of Junk.” A few, I agree with, and most of them I quite emphatically don’t. Living without books or an iron would be such a fundamental change in my life that I can’t contemplate it.

Check out the slideshow, or the rationale for each item on the list:

20: Rice Cookers
19: Shoe Inserts
18: Polaroid Camera
17: The Iron
16: Hobby Kits
15: The Tie Rack
14: Giveaway Thumb Drives
13: Trade Show Swag
12: Bargain DVDs
11: Ear Candles
10: Books in a Kindle World
9: Home Theater Sound Systems
8: Ice Cream Makers & Bread Machines
7: VCRPlus Gizmos
6: Ionic Breeze
5: Single-Slot Piggy Banks
4: Ab Rollers
3: Radar Detectors
2: Wipe Warmers
1: Happy Meal Toys

20 Most Worthless Pieces of Junk [WalletPop]

(Photo: Rrravenita)

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