Tim Horton’s a Canadian doughnut place that, I’m told, is awesome. The chain opened 12 locations in NYC today, prompting excited people to email us about it. Example: “Tim Hortons is in NYC! Tim Horton’s takes Manhattan! Exciting! Let’s tell the world!” The world has now been told, but help us out here — what should New Yorkers order on their first trip to Tim Horton’s? [Tim Horton’s] (Thanks, Dave!)


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  1. 44 in a Row says:

    Timbits, obviously.

  2. Darkkeyboard says:

    Deez Nuts

  3. tgrwillki says:

    2nd’d on the Timbits. They’re like a little bit of heaven.

  4. Mozoltov, motherfucker says:

    Those doughnut bites, and the chocolate chip cookies. last time I was in Canada every time we saw a Tim Hortons we stopped sand loaded up on cookies.

    • dragonfire81 says:

      @Δεν βρέθηκαν λέξεις: Agreed, on my “list of things I miss about Canada”, Timmy’s is right near the top.

      • bibomaco says:

        @dragonfire81: What? Really? I live right next to one, and I never ever go… Isn’t it just a typical coffee/donut chain?

        • dragonfire81 says:

          @bibomaco: It’s more than that in Canada. It’s the place where everyone goes for a fix on a chilly winters morning, where everyone knows someone who works there. Tim’s is a point of national pride in Canada, we consider it part of our national identity.

          It’s tough to describe, but obviously Tim’s doesn’t have the same impact in the U.S. as it does north of the border.

    • RandomZero says:

      @Δεν βρέθηκαν λέξεις: You must’ve had a metric fuckton of cookies by the time you crossed the border, then. I’ve heard Americans joke about the ubiquity of Starbuck’s, but I know a place in my (smallish) city where I can stand and be within direct line of sight of 3 Timmy’s and walking distance to 2 more.

      @bibomaco: Seconded. Timmy’s is the closest coffee shop to my house, and the only time I go is with someone else – I find their coffee foul, and still haven’t forgiven them for the lie they call cappucino.

  5. kylere says:

    They have them all through Michigan, and they are not that impressive. Their cappucino/expresso etc. is all the instant variety. Their donuts are on the level of a mass produced Dunkin Donuts style, and their shops are meh.

    • GreatCaesarsGhost says:

      Agreed. Tim Horton’s Doughnuts are pretty run of the mill. I think its one of those “absense makes the heart grow fonder” things, which Canadians miss when they can’t get it. I myself miss Ponderosa, which is actually a pretty horrible steakhouse.

      • Kogenta says:

        @GreatCaesarsGhost: Tims was better years ago before the corperate edicit came down saying their donuts were “too big” (apparently some locations were producing donuts so big you could barely fit them into the boxes) and they had to shrink them down to regulation size. Plus they seem to have been forced to switch to simply baking prefab donuts that probably come frozen from some central processing plant now to ensure that they all have regulation sized donuts.

    • liz.lemonade says:

      @kylere: Agreed. Based on the hype, I expected a transcendent experience the first time I visited one last summer. My Canadian friend took me twice, and I also stopped at the airport kiosk – so I’m not basing my impression on just one visit. They were … fine. Maybe a small notch above Dunkin Donuts. Worth a visit, certainly, but unremarkable overall. But the way Canadians talk, I was expecting coffee and donuts made by Jesus himself.

  6. DWalk says:

    Large double double and cruller

  7. Anonymous says:

    A large regular (that’s one cream and one sugar), a sour cream glazed donut, and a turkey bacon club on whole wheat toasted with no tomato. At least, those are my favorites. Being Canadian I pretty much have a Tim Hortons IV hooked up beside my bed (ok not really, but that would be awesome)

  8. scoosdad says:

    We heard the same sort of thing when Krispy Kreme first showed up here in the Northeast. Four years later it’s all but disappeared (yeah I know where the remaining ones are!). Good luck to Tim Horton’s, hope you last longer than KK. Dunkin’ Donuts is tough competition ’round these parts.

    • gqcarrick says:

      @scoosdad: They will last plenty long, they have been in Western NY for many years and have run Dunkin darn near out of business. NYC watch out.

      • nucwin83 says:

        @gqcarrick: Dunkin has had the same issues with trying to beat KK down here in the South. We love our glazed sugar intake too much.

        Best of luck to TH though, I wouldn’t mind trying it next time I’m up in Manhattan.

    • nycaviation says:

      @scoosdad: Krispy Kreme had the misfortune of showing up in New York at the height of the Atkins craze while continue to push their donuts, all while being dreadfully mismanaged. Dunkin has taken the focus off the donuts and put it on their coffee drinks.

    • Yoko Broke Up The Beatles says:


      Dunkin’ is king in the northeast, indeed. Hard to put up a fight against a business that is damn near on every streetcorner!

      • gqcarrick says:

        @Yoko Broke Up The Beatles: They aren’t king in Buffalo thats for sure. Too many people here like Timmy Ho’s, especially canadians coming over. A lot of the DD that opened up in the last year went under and closed already.

        • mariospants says:

          @gqcarrick: Their product base is much more diversified than what you’d find at DD or KK. Their sandwiches and soup are damn fine when you’re on a road trip and can’t stomach the thought of a bacon cheeseburger while behind the wheel. And the prices are reasonable, too. They’re clean, simple and dependable. I like that.

    • Englishee Teacher says:

      @scoosdad: Anyplace that has a large number of Canadian tourists will do well with a Timmies. We don’t like to go too long without it, we even built one in Afghanistan.

      Also, you have to look beyond the donuts. Sure, the thought of a sour cream glazed donut makes my mouth water and makes it difficult to form coherent thoughts, but the soup and sandwiches (and chili! OMG the chili!) are amazing and make it a great place to go for lunch and an even better place to stop along the highway on long trips.

  9. Baccus83 says:

    meh – it’s not Krispy Kreme.

    • cameronl says:

      @Gene Gemperline: That would be a good thing, although I am not impressed with either company’s donuts.

      DD FTW!

    • Jetts says:

      @Gene Gemperline: (Your Comment)^-1 = My reaction to Krispy Kream in Canada.

      It was alright, but I still like Timmys. Especially the coffee.

    • mariospants says:

      @Gene Gemperline: Agreed. There are some great specialty donuts at TH but you can’t beat a fresh-from-the-oven KK donut. Yum.

    • Englishee Teacher says:

      @Gene Gemperline: I really don’t like krispy Kreme. When they first showed up in Canada, I went and bought a dozen donuts, tried one and it was so sickly sweet and had about a quarter-inch thick layer of icing on it that I ended up giving them away.

      (in the interest of full disclosure, in this comment the term “gave away” meant putting them into the mailboxes of some of my classmates. highschool. meh.)

  10. DWalk says:

    BTW, congrats to NYC for finally seeing the light and not paying $6 for overpriced, oversweetened and overhyped coffee.

    I’ll be back in 10 minutes…

    • nycaviation says:

      @DWalk: Have you ever been in a Starbucks? Very few people order Frappuccinos, which is the only Starbucks item that matches your description. Most other SBUX items are unsweetened and cost $2-$3.

  11. seattlemaninblue says:

    Pretty soon they’ll be everywhere, and then the cult will be over and everyone will hate them (or at least pretend to hate them to be cool), just like Starbucks.

  12. spongebue says:

    Honey cruller. Whenever I’m in Canada, I have to get a few throughout my trip.

  13. katieoh says:

    I’m a fan of the French vanilla Capp. It’s ridiculously cheap and though the quality may not be that great, it’s addictive.

  14. Bryan Fernandez says:

    Tried their Boston Creme and coffee at Pearson International. B. F. D.

  15. Anonymous says:

    The Timbits, they are delicious. Maple dip doughnuts are good. Also, get a “double double”–it’s what everyone in Canada drinks; a coffee with two sugars and two creams. The term is in Canadian dictionaries, believe it or not.

  16. ludwigk says:

    We had Tim Horton’s here and there in Maine when I lived there. Never actually got around to eating there, but my GF’s mother, whose Canadian, swears by them up and down.

  17. jonnypage says:

    if available, chicken stew in a bread bowl. Also, if it is cold out, their chili is awesome.

  18. psm321 says:

    Good for you NYCers. :) They closed the only Ann Arbor location at the end of last month :( I’m not sure why either, they always had plenty of customers

  19. gqcarrick says:

    We here in Buffalo have had Tim Horton’s for years. Or Timmy Ho’s as we call them here in Buffalo.

    • ThinkerTDM says:

      @gqcarrick: I’ve never eaten at one, but as I remember, the exterior leaves one to believe that they are pretty run down. Or maybe I am thinking of the Arby’s with the big sign. (It’s been a while since I have been back home).

      • gqcarrick says:

        @ThinkerTDM: Must be Arby’s because all the Tim Horton’s lcations are all brick buildings and very nice inside.

        • Eilonwynn says:

          @gqcarrick: The oldest one, on Niagara Falls boulevard just south of the I-290 (really, it’s practically under the onramp on the west side) where the Kmart used to be and the target/lowes/bb/etc now are, is REALLY run down. It’s been there at least 30 years, though – most of the others that came in in the late 90’s, early 00’s are much better.

          • gqcarrick says:

            @Eilonwynn: Meh, I am sure they will build another one around there soon. All the rest are really nice. Mighty Taco has done the same thing, torn down old stores only to build bigger, better ones lately in Buffalo and the burbs.

    • jfpbookworm says:

      @gqcarrick: But this is New York City, the part of the state that’s actually important!

  20. Yankees368 says:


  21. AlessandroBeans says:

    It doesn’t matter what you order. Dunken Donuts and Krispy Kream (HURL) got nothin on anything Timmy’s sells. All the starbucks here are envious of the lines that Timmy’s forms. We canadians stand proud as a nation, that we have the best coffee around, from all the lands! And, in Calgary at least, you can make almost $20 an hour selling the coffee that is so tasty and good. It’s rediculous!!! The chicken stew, oh that tasty tast chicken stew. I wish I could still eat it, damn allergies! And it used to come in a bread bowl. Oh those were the days…

    Oh, i seem to have drooled on my keyboard.

  22. Paul Jones says:

    Good luck against Dunks – ’round these parts (Boston suburbs), it’s Dunks or death.

  23. Doug says:

    Don’t forget to ask for a Gretzky (9 sugar 9 cream)

  24. shepd says:

    I used to go there a lot, even though I’m not a coffee drinker. I haven’t been there (except upon request by someone else in the car with me) for a couple of years. They pushed me away when they gave up on fountain drinks and changed their hot chocolate machines for whatever putrid fake-chocolate machines they have now. They also shrank the donuts significantly and no longer make them fresh (they are trucked in)–LOL that their catch-phrase “Always Fresh” applies ONLY to coffee, nothing else at all. Gross. They also charge way too much.

    For my donuts and soda, I go to Coffee Time or another local shop. That way I get stuff baked fresh there and tasty fountain drinks (or at least hot chocolate that doesn’t taste like ass).

    This in a city with over 1 Tim Horton’s per 10,000 population.

    • mizike says:

      @shepd: Most Tim Hortons’ make their doughnuts on site, there are obviously some in gas stations and the like which don’t, but most of the normal stores have a full kitchen. I also don’t see how you’re saying they charge too much, I can’t think of another place that would be significantly (ie., more than ~10 cents) cheaper. Go get a coffee and a snack at a starbucks or second cup and then try to tell me that Tim Hortons is over priced.

      That being said, I don’t really understand why people love Tim Hortons so much. Yeah it’s alright, but it’s not really anything special, Dunkin Donuts and Coffee Time are basically the same thing. It’s just been ingrained in our culture that there’s nothing more quintesentially Canadian than stopping at Tim Hortons.

      • shepd says:


        Apart from the coffee, Tim Horton’s menu is grossly overpriced. Their other beverages, when in a gas bar, are actually cheaper to buy from the gas bar’s cooler. And their donuts are creeping ever closer to $1 each with tax. Last time I was there, subway was cheaper for sandwiches, as well.

        As far as the dounuts no longer being fresh:


        David Swick reported in the Halifax Daily News on September 19, 2003, that Tim Hortons donuts were to be remotely factory-fried and shipped, frozen, to Tim Hortons outlets in Atlantic Canada, where they would then be reheated at the push of a button.

        Further investigation into this shows that this is why the donuts have “shrunk”. The thing is that the places that were making their own were making them bigger than the corporate standard. Once they had to switch to this method, they had pre-sized donuts that were smaller. If your TH donuts shrank in 2003/2004 it was because that TH no longer makes them there, but instead trucks them in and reheats them.

        Here’s a blog post from the time. They were also sued by franchisees who were pissed off, I don’t know what the outcome was.

        TH donuts suck horridly now. I’ve never had a decent one since the change. Gross.

        I know, it’s a Canadian institution, it can do no wrong and I’m a horrible Canadian for complaining about it. It’s like saying Canadian Tire “money” is a scam because if you lose it and return an item, they deduct it from what they give you back, despite it officially being just a coupon program.

        As far as comparing them to Starbucks or Second Cup, I can’t. I’ve never been to either because I don’t drink coffee and neither serves anything I would drink (except a glass of tap water). But I like donuts and soft drinks. And neither of them should be priced like TH prices them.

        • Zenatrul says:


          Atleast all the Tims in my province they have completely removed fountain pop and just serve can pop.

          The last few times I’ve had the donuts they were great, very moist and fresh, I don’t know about other places but the ones around here are quite good. Plus they are still under a dollar with my provinces crazy tax(15%).

  25. chiieddy says:

    Notice how they skipped the New England market, except where they’re already entrenched? They’ve been in Maine for awhile, but they totally skipped Dunkin’ land.

    • Princess Leela says:

      @chiieddy: I’ve seen ’em in Rhode Island/eastern Connecticut, actually, too. Perhaps their plan is to encircle the Boston metro area and then launch a coordinated attack?

      • chiieddy says:

        @Princess Leela: Perhaps, but they’d have to do better than Krispy Kreme, which didn’t do so well against Dunkin’ Coffee. MA is a coffee more than donut market.

        • Princess Leela says:

          @chiieddy: True dat. And so is NYC, which is of course why Krispy Kreme failed: Their coffee is terrible. I never understood why they thought they could coast on donuts alone. They could’ve looked to cut a deal with Green Mountain Coffee or somebody like that, and cleaned up …

  26. schizoid says:

    The owner of those dunken franchises in NYC has been arguing with dunken corporate for years now, ever since the news showed a clip of a rat in one of his restaurants. The relationship was tense, so he dropped the franchise and moved to tim horton’s.

    Tim’s donuts are nothing special, cake-based like dunken donuts, and decent. They do have very good coffee. TH is a _big_ deal in canada.

  27. Haggie1 says:

    Alternate Headline: “Donut Chain Expands (NYC Waistlines)”

    I thought the hole doughnut fad died when Krispy Kreme tanked back in ’04?

    In a world of obese people, the guy selling the deep-fried cake covered in sugar glaze will always be popular…

  28. jayphat says:

    There is a distinct difference in Tim’s here in the US and Tim’s in Canada. If you ever have the chance, eat at a Tim’s in Canada. MY GOD IS IT GOOD.

  29. ryan89 says:

    Great…now NYC will be littered with Tim Horton cups, just like Canada is.

    • dialing_wand says:

      @ryan89: How true. There’s actually a noted increase in pollution near Tim Horton’s locations.


      It’s not all bad though. And damn, the timbits are better than the a-holes and the b-holes.

  30. Ryan Kashmere says:

    A double Double coffee and a Honey Cruller or Blueberry fritter will get you hooked for sure.

  31. I Love New Jersey says:

    I welcome our new Canadian overlords and hope they will take over the rest of the country soon.

  32. darcygreen says:

    I hate to be a naysayer but I live in Canada and although I am not a coffee drinker their donuts leave a lot to be desired. I am pretty sure a couple of years ago, In order to cut costs, they stopped making their donuts fresh in each location. They are now shipped frozen (pre-baked perhaps) and are finished baking in the restaurant. The office where I work has donuts every Friday. We purchased our donuts every Friday for years from Tim Hortons. When they switched, we noticed a difference in their freshness. They taste like day old even though they are baked “fresh throughout the day”. We have since started buying our donuts at a local bakery and they are by far a much superior product.

  33. QrazyQat says:

    Tim Horton’s is not anything special. The only people who think it is somehow better than the typical chain donut place in the states probably gets all excited about drinking Molson Canadian or Labatt Blue.

  34. Jacquilynne says:

    Just order coffee — double double if you want to sound nicely Canadian.

    The doughnuts at Tim Hortons have become crappier and crappier over the last few years and are no longer even vaguely good.

  35. Spaceman Bill Leah says:

    Cheese. Croissant.

  36. frank64 says:

    It is funny how the taste of real donuts, like everything else seems to be largely forgotten. TH can do real well selling the factory food and coffee, just like DD and Starbucks and Pizza Hut or pizza and Bud and the like for beer. We say we care, but the numbers say we don’t.

    I don’t even know where to get a real donut anymore, but someone from work brings them in from time to time. She has to go across the town that she lives in, but thinks it is worth the trip. Delicous

  37. Av3nger says:

    If it’s a hot day, Iced Capp
    If you can handle a hot coffee, just ask for a DoubleDouble.
    Let us know if they carry Canadian Maple donuts down there, it’s a creme filled one.

  38. There's room to move as a fry cook says:

    Calling Tim Hortons a ‘donut shop” isn’t quite accurate.

    They are better described as an unpretentious coffee shop that serves sandwiches, soup… and donuts.

    Donuts are making an increasing small part of their sales with much of their business now coming from soup and sandwich lunches & dinners. They are less snobbish than Starbucks and serve better (& more) food.

  39. Gnort says:

    Don’t buy anything, unless you want to try the low end coffee. No seriously; Tim Horton’s WAS okay when they used to bake everything in each store. Now it’s all premade in Sudbury, Ontario and shipped around frozen. The quality has dropped by 2/3 and I -rarely- do business with them anymore.

  40. There's room to move as a fry cook says:

    American’s will have to learn how to “Rrrroll up The Rim To Win”:

  41. pbj_sushi says:

    French Vanilla iced cappuccino. With skim milk. *Ahhh*

    My fiance lived in CT, so whenever I went to visit him we HAD to go to Tim Horton’s (affectionately called “TiHo’s” – tee ho’s) so I could get one of those.

    Now they’ve teamed up with Coldstone Creamery, so around here they’re split shops of dairy glee. I’m still hooked on the Iced Capps, though.

  42. plutonyum says:

    Ironically, I’m down here in Krispy Kreme country and would go bananas for some Tim Horton’s, just like people elsewhere go bananas for KKs. I think it’s a matter of the attractiveness of That Food You Had On Vacation That Time.

  43. Torgonius wants an edit button says:

    I feel a case of ‘swine flu’ coming on, time to go ‘home’ now… with a slight detour through Manhattan first!

    Now I won’t need to drive 6 hours each way any more to get blood!

  44. Anonymous says:

    This isn’t DD’s or even TH’s doing; a franchisee, Riese Restaurants, is doing this due to a dispute with DD. Around here Riese Restaurants mainly cater to tourists looking for a familiar brand; locals avoid them and I’ve heard rumors that the food quality is poor (slurs like “Grease Restaurants” and the like).

  45. benko29 says:

    large double double.
    the cherry cheese danishes are usually really good.
    the breakfast sandwiches are surprisingly good.
    and you can’t go wrong with their long john doughnuts.
    and of course timbits!

    although my experience with timmy’s baked goods in the states has usually been sub par.

  46. Marlo Forget says:

    double double.

  47. krom says:

    Timbits are the canonical Tim Horton’s product. But be warned, they are more or less just like Munchkins. Tim Horton’s is basically Dunk’s for Canada. That’s not to say it isn’t awesome (do I hear you talkin’ smack about Dunk’s? huh? huh?) I also recommend the frozen coffee drinks, particularly this time of year.

    • Zenatrul says:


      The problem is atleast in my province we have Tims, Dunkins and Robin Donuts. Atleast Donut wise I’ve liked Robins and Tims the best but Dunkins is alright as long as I don’t get a Old fashion chocolate dip, hate the dough.

  48. TheSpatulaOfLove says:

    Sadly, they stopped Dutchies here in Detroit a few years ago – they were my favorite!

  49. eds70 says:

    The first thing they should order is a large supply of their favorite cholesterol and blood pressure medication..

  50. bhaelochon says:

    Timmy’s has been around in Ohio for quite some time, too.

  51. Patti McEwin says:

    Tim bits & an ice cap!

  52. alexcassidy says:

    Double Double FTW

  53. Yoko Broke Up The Beatles says:

    Tim Horton’s in the USA? What’s next, ice hockey catching on in America?

    [Kidding. I love hockey! (No sarcasm!)]

  54. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t found any donuts anywhere that I’ve cared for, whether it be Krispy Kreme, Tim Horton’s or Dunkin Donuts. I’d just go for one of their BLT subs. They tend to have pretty nice sandwiches, and their other, non-donut pastries are pretty good too. It depends on if you’re looking at one of the smaller or larger Tim Horton’s shops. The larger ones are going to, of course, be better in general.

  55. CapitalC says:

    Sour Cream Timbits. YUMMMM
    I’m not a coffee drinker so I avoid the DoubleDouble.

    • There's room to move as a fry cook says:

      @CapitalC: I prefer dark no sugar and couldn’t drink a Double Double (double cream, double sugar). I shake my head in disbelief when I hear someone order a 4×4.

  56. johnny2potatoes says:

    Here in Lansing, MI Dunkin Doughnuts went out of business a while ago and haven’t come back. KK went out too. A couple of years ago Tim Horton’s come in and built 12 stores all over town. They are never very busy and I wonder how they stay in business, but they do. They pride themselves on never having a pot of coffee more than 20 minutes old, though I find that greatly depends on the location. Some places it’s always good and others it always crap. The doughnuts are the mass produced variety described before. The food is decent and their places are always in a welcome, clean state. They aren’t all ghettoized like Mikey D’s and BK.
    Quality Dariy has the best doughnuts to me. Sorry, if you don’t live around here you won’t know what that means…

  57. Anonymous says:

    The donuts are ok. Most of the food is a little overpriced for what you get. The inside of the store isn’t anything special, so I just use the drive through. But the coffee is what keeps you coming back. Get me a xl triple triple, and we’ll be good friends until I run out.

  58. Andrew Blanchette says:

    We have several Timmy Hohos here in Maine. Dunkin makes better donuts, though.

  59. mbgrabbe says:

    Thank god – we need more competition in the coffee/snack chain market. DD’s and Starbucks have a stranglehold on New England.

  60. GreatWhiteNorth says:

    It will be interesting to see how well they do… Foods like coffee and donuts are a very regional taste and have vicious loyalties.

    I am not much of a coffee drinker, but I have discovered Timy’s “iced cap” and French vanilla… both are great for the price. From a food standpoint the donuts are good and thankfully they have returned to a sane portion size (they got huge when KK tried to break into the Ontario market a few years back). Their lunch offerings are a great change from the burger joints.

    Good luck NY and give Timy’s a try.

  61. Aaron Power says:

    A large butter caramel iced cappuchino…..So good on a summer day! Nom Nom Nom

  62. merekat says:

    Oh Man. The closest Tim’s is 25 miles from my house. I was in their area today doing a training, and they folks at my class brought Tim’s muffins. The blueberry was very good. I love their pumpkin donut, but it’s a seasonal thing. The key lime could have been lime-ier for my tastes. Love that they serve on real plates. They have a better selection than Krispy Kremes, and do not remind me of Fat Elvis, so Tim’s wins.

  63. mariospants says:

    For some reason, I just find TH to be cleaner, simpler and (when it comes to non-donut food) quite a bit healthier than the typical fast food franchise. I wonder what the prices are in the US compared to Canada.

  64. flowerofhighrank says:

    “what should New Yorkers order on their first trip to Tim Horton’s?”

    uh, to head due north?


    off the menu…?

    no clue.

  65. noisebar says:

    Awesome? I don’t think I agree. It’s a place which sells dirt cheap mini donuts (a crappy kind of food no matter how good they taste) and terrible coffee.

  66. amandakerik says:

    Just a heads up: if their coffee is the same down there as it is up here… it’s like crack.
    I’m not a coffee person (I like my chai tea and such) but I’ve groaned out loud after a sip of Timmy’s coffee. It plays across the tongue like a good smooth dark chocolate.

  67. Steeldrumhero says:

    Chocolate Milk Iced Cappuccino, with a Honey Cruller
    And the breakfast sandwich.

    Now, I have had American Tim Horton’s before, no where near as good as in Canada; where there’s one for every 16,500 people.
    We have 17 in my city, with 100,000 people.

  68. Alex Flint says:

    a Double Double and some timbits, for sure.

  69. Scatter says:

    I like their ice coffee more than Dunkin Donuts’ ice coffee. Their Butter Caramel is particular good.

  70. SugitaAlcimede says:

    I am a canadian, and tim horton’s is bullshit (you can picture me looking like penn jillette with a mountie hat clubbing a seal if it suits.) they don’t make their stuff freshly in the store any more and the breakfast sandwiches taste like chemicals. they are cheap, though. i am gobsmacked when i go to small towns and have to shop at one at how cheap their bagels are. they still barely qualify as food, though. also, the coffee is bad. hospital vending machine bad.

  71. Anonymous says:

    The website says that freshness is their passion, but most of the stuff is frozen, including the doughnuts.
    The coffee’s good and cheap, that’s what it’s all about.
    In fact everything is pretty cheap, the chain appeals to people who want a cheap lunch, but who don’t want burgers. Amazingly, it’s rare to see someone buy doughnuts anymore.

  72. Myles Hawkins says:

    I noticed a lot of the comments on here are about the doughnuts… which i agree suck….

    I am a Canadian who has traveled through the eastern U.S. And have NEVER found a decent coffee except at some obscure truck stops in the middle of nowhere…

    Every Starbucks coffee i’ve had has been burnt and rotts your gut and the only time i have had dunkin coffee it was so awful i couldn’t even finish it.

    If you want to experience Timmy’s order a double double, the coffee is what it’s all about for us Canadians, It’s cold up here eh?

  73. mrearly2 says:

    Just what Americans (the majority are malnourished) need: more coffee and junk-food.