Don't Put These Items On Your Credit Card If You Can Help It

A few months ago, we reminded you that your credit card company is building a psychological profile of you. But what about a short, convenient list of things that get credit card companies‘ notice? Marketplace has you covered.

Here’s a summary of the items:

1. Traffic tickets
2. Retreading your tires
3. Bargain binges
4. Adult Playthings
5. Marriage Counseling and Therapy
6. Lottery Tickets
7. Cash Advances
8. Personal pampering
9. Income Taxes
10. Booze

So, pay cash for porn, booze, gambling, and pedicures. Got it!

10 purchases not to put on credit cards [Marketplace]
(Thanks to Giselle Benetar!)

Your Credit Card Company Is Building A Psychological Profile Of You

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