How To Save On Those Wallet-Defiling Horrors Known As 'Weddings'

In our debt-plagued society it’s somehow appropriate that couples demonstrate their love for one another by staging elaborate ceremonies that plunge them into financial setbacks from which no dollar dance will reprieve them.

Since the customs and routines of weddings are so bloated, there are trillions of ways to save money on ’em, and a Doubletree press release on PRLog came up with 10 strong ones. The list will help any loving couple turn their nuptials into a demonstration of what black-hearted, stingy spoilsports they can be if they truly put their hearts into it.

A sampling:

4. Go for Brunch. Celebrate your intimate wedding with a sophisticated brunch instead of dinner, and save on the cost of a five-hour event with three or four courses and an open bar. Brunches don’t last as long as dinners and people usually drink less.

The list also suggests slashing the hours of the open bar, opting for rubber chicken rather than steak, as well as ditching idiotic things such as seat and table covers.

Of course, the most effective way to save on your wedding costs comes in just three words: Justice. Ofthe. Peace.

Doubletree Hotel in Tarrytown Offers Money Saving Tips on Wedding Planning [PRLog]
(Photo: woodsm)

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