Don't Let Your Air Conditioner Torch You This Summer

You’re cool with your air conditioner when it’s cooling you off in the summer blaze, but all hot and bothered when you see what it’s done to your electric bill. But there are ways you two can get along. You’ve just got to help the machine out by keeping the curtains closed, checking your insulation and going easy on exhaust fans.

A Philadelphia ABC news affiliate has a simple, helpful post with such obvious but indispensable gems:

When the sun’s not hitting your windows, keep them open, and use fans to draw hot air up and out of the house.

But don’t use exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathroom for too long if your house is air-conditioned.

“In one hour, it can empty the whole house of all your conditioned air,” Gilbeaux says of exhaust fans.

Check out the rest of the story for several other tips. Or just ignore them, turn off the A.C. and stick a bag of ice down your pants.

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Save money on home cooling [ABC 6 Action News Philadelphia]
(Photo: C.Barr)

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