Radio Shack Is Levying The Wrong Sales Tax In New York City

Radio Shack is charging New York City consumers an extra half-percent of sales tax, even though the State hasn’t approved a new tax rate. Before descending into a chaotic mess of embarrassing inaction, the New York State Senate was widely expected to hike the sales tax New York City’s local sales from 8.375% to 8.875%. That never happened, a minor detail that isn’t stopping Radio Shack from collecting more tax, as reader Jeff discovered…

He writes:

Just came back from my local Radio Shack and when I got home noticed the sales tax was set at 8.875 instead of the usual 8.375. You see the tax rate was supposed to go up on July 1st but because our State Senate has been in a stalemate for the last few weeks nothing has been done, including passing the new sales tax.

I called a friend of mine who happens to manage a Radio Shack and asked him what was up and he told me that the computers are programed from the district office and he had called them to let them know of the error a day ago but it has not been fixed yet.

So just let shoppers in NY to keep an eye out for the tax rate while shopping at Radio Shack this weekend.

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