Get The Best Seat When Flying Coach

Snagging the best plane seat doesn’t always require an upgrade, thanks to a few handy tips from Condé Nast Traveler. Inside, how to avoid the dreaded middle seat and keep yourself entertained on the flight…

  • In-Flight Entertainment: Call before booking and ask which of your potential flights has AC power or AVOD (Audio Video on Demand) built into the seats.
  • Look At The Plane Type: Thanks to its configuration, a 767 can be 86% full before anyone gets stiffed with the middle seat. Look for domestic flights configured for international travel, the ones out of major hubs that then connect to international destinations.
  • Ask For An Aisle Seat In The Back: Airlines start at the front and move backwards to fill middle seats. Asking for an aisle seat towards the rear boosts your chance of sitting next to an empty seat.
  • Book The Damn Seat! If you can’t reserve a seat in advance after consulting with a site like SeatGuru, then call the airline directly and ask for a particular seat assignment. Once you get to the gate, talk to the agent and see if something better isn’t available.

How do you snag the best seats and make the most of your flights? Share your tips in the comments.

Getting Comfy in Coach [Condé Nast Traveler via Lifehacker]
(Photo: FlyGuy92586)

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