Watch Out For The Five Worst Teen Jobs Of 2009

Because we took a lot of seasonal jobs/were easily bored, we had quite a few jobs as a teenager. But although our workplaces exposed us to hazards like deli slicers and Christmas Eve mall shoppers, we’re relieved to learn we never had one of the National Consumer League’s Five Worst Teen Jobs.

NCL rates as the worst jobs those that expose teenagers to the most hazardous work environments. It’s a bigger problem than we realized: every ten days, a worker under 18 dies from a workplace injury; every ten minutes, a worker under 18 has to go to the hospital for a workplace injury.

That said, NCL’s worst teen jobs are:

  1. 1. Agriculture: Harvesting Crops
  2. 2. Construction and Height Work
  3. 3. Driver/Operator: Forklifts, Tractors, and ATV’s
  4. 4. Traveling Youth Sales Crews
  5. 5. Outside Helper: Landscaping, Groundskeeping, and Lawn Service

NCL notes that the Department of Labor has restrictions on the hours and jobs that teenagers under 18 can work.

What dangerous teen jobs do you think should be on the list? Let us know in the comments.

NCL’s 2009 Five Worst Teen Jobs [National Consumers League]
(Photo: frankieleon)

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