It's Time To Start Shopping For Christmas Decorations! Oh, Wait…

There’s no better way to show your support for the war on Christmas Creep than to strap a bottle rocket to a reindeer ornament, or maybe point a Roman candle at a Santa lawn figure. Now you can do just that, by combining all the explosive fury of July 4th with the heartwarming frivolity of Christmas, thanks to Tuesday Morning.

Jook, who took this photo quickly as his wife hurried away to more seasonally appropriate merchandise, asked, “Why don’t stores have any concept of seasons?”

We can almost give Tuesday Morning a pass because they’re a closeout retailer—note the Thanksgiving stuff mixed in there behind Santa—although it still seems a little too early (or too late?) to load up the shelves with Christmas merchandise. But what’s Hallmark’s excuse?

A., who sent us the link to the above page, writes, “I saw the sign on my local Hallmark store, but didn’t have my camera to take a picture.”

Update: Here’s Hallmark’s excuse!

I understand your complaint, I hear you, we’ve gotten the Christmas in July question before. And since you asked what Hallmark’s excuse is I thought I’d share it with you, because we actually do have one.

We’ve been holding Ornament Premiere in July for 15+ years so I can tell you that we’re not putting things out earlier each year (even if sometimes it seems like it), the date of this event has been in place for awhile. The premiere event is mainly for ornament collectors, and yes, there are a lot of them, that shop year round.

They would be really happy if put out the next year’s ornaments on December 26, but we wait until July. We know the majority of people aren’t ornament shopping in July, but for those that are—again there are quite a lot of them—well that’s our excuse.

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