Facebook Twice Feared Letting Angel Tread Its Network, Changed Its Heart

If you think 20th Century Fox was cruel to Dark Angel, canceling the show after just two seasons, get a load of what Facebook did to Dark Angel. Not the show, the person. Yes, there’s a guy out there who legally changed his name to Dark Angel. And on top of the gloom of instilling massive disappointment in everyone who meets him hoping he’ll be Jessica Alba, Dark Angel was deemed too fake of a name by the Facebook cops. So they booted his account twice.

Dark Angel wrote us in early June:

Hi, my name’s Dark Angel. I had my Facebook account disabled on the 11th of April by the friendly moderators of Facebook. This is the 2nd time this has happened to the SAME ACCOUNT. Both times he’s been suspected of having a fake name; however, Dark Angel is my real, legal name; I had it legally changed. The 1st time the issue was rectified within a FEW HOURS. This time however, it took a week before anything was heard from Facebook & then all I was told was that if I provided I.D. of himself, I would get his account back. Not only did I do that, I provided transcripts of the e-mail from the 1st time this happened & and offered any additional I.D. if needed to prove who I was-and yet still nothing. No follow-up response, and no re-instated account. I’ve gotten my 1st response yesterday in almost a month, and I hope I’m reading it wrong, because I believe Facebook is saying they will no longer correspond with my e-mail.

Dark Angel even went to YouTube to plead his case and started a Facebook group to petition his return. He wrote back to us again Wednesday, saying he’s got his Facebook account back and giving us unjustified thanks for playing a part in the victory.

Dark Angel’s triumph is encouraging for NFL wide receiver Chad Ochocinco, as well as anyone who decide to name themselves after unjustifiably yanked TV shows such as Deadwood, Tru Calling or Arrested Development.

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