Asking Comcast To Lower Your Bill Results In Comcast Lowering Your Bill

If you’re paying too much for cable these days, it really doesn’t hurt to call and ask for a discount. You never know, your cable company might surprise you. That’s what happened to reader Nitin.

Nitin says:

i’m a Comcast customer, i currently have the digital cable package with high-speed internet, DVR, Hi-Def TV, and HBO/Cinemax. my monthly bill has been about $160/month. i’m going back to school full-time in the fall, and can’t really afford to keep paying that much. so i called Comcast to see what they could do. After being on hold for a couple minutes, I was connected to a very pleasant and friendly customer service representative who listened to my “tale of woe”, and very quickly offered me a discounted rate, keeping all the services i have now, of $100/month. it was a surprisingly pleasant and pain-free interaction with a company that hasn’t always provided me with such great service in the past. in hindsight, i guess i should have gotten the CSR’s name so i could offer a commendation to her superiors, but i guess the submission of this story to Consumerist will have to do instead. Thanks!

You don’t have to be a Comcast subscriber to take advantage of your cable company’s generosity. Here’s a post that will help you negotiate your way to a cheaper bill.


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