This Harry Potter Blu-Ray Set Requires A HD-DVD Player

Best Buy is still selling a defective Harry Potter Blu-Ray set that contains a HD-DVD version of the Goblet of Fire. The bumbled bundles were first discovered in 2007, but reader Bill found one sitting on a Best Buy shelf in Grand Junction, CO.

He writes:

My wife picked up the Harry Potter Blu-Ray set today from our local Grand Junction, CO Best Buy and when we got home, we realized that the fourth film, Goblet of Fire, was actually an HD-DVD instead of a Blu-Ray. I realize now that this problem was reported when the set originally came out in December 2007, but it is surprising that there are still sets in the supply chain that still have this problem. The good news is that Best Buy was happy to exchange the set for another set that they had in stock, and that set contained only Blu-Ray discs. So my daughter is happily watching Harry Potter in Blu-Ray high-definition this evening.

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(Photo: AVS Forums)

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