Is Nutro Ignoring Owners Of Cats Made Sick By Recalled Food? reports that independent tests of the cat food recently recalled by Nutro does indeed contain more zinc than recommended, which was why Nutro recalled the product in the first place. However, Nutro says it’s received no complaints from pet owners, while pet owners have told otherwise. They say that Nutro either won’t respond to them or says it’s not responsible for their pets’ illnesses or deaths.

There doesn’t seem to be enough (or any) published research that says at what level zinc can be deadly to cats, but the ASPCA told ConsumerAffairs that “it’s certainly possible that those levels of zinc would likely cause health problems in cats that could involve significant intestinal upset and liver and kidney damage.”

That seems to be enough to keep Nutro from having to take on too much blame:

NUTRO also said — and continues to say — that it has not received any complaints about the recalled cat food.

But has heard from scores of cat owners nationwide who say their healthy felines started vomiting, refused to eat, and experienced other health problems after eating the recalled food. Some blame their cats’ recent deaths on the food.

One angry pet owner told that Nutro delayed getting back to her, then denied its food caused her cat’s vomiting and loss of motor control.

“Shortly after the vet visit I found out about the food recall,” she says. “Both our bags were that of the contaminated food.”

Stacey immediately contacted NUTRO.

“And I did not get a response from them for a couple of weeks,” she says. “They said they would contact me within 72 hours. I want it on record that I feel I received poor customer service, and I don’t feel the company has been truthful about the side affects and complaints from pet owners that had given their pets this food.”

She adds: “The company claims that no sickness had resulted from the tainted food, when indeed I know several people have had sick cats.”

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“Tests Find ‘Sky High’ Zinc Levels in NUTRO Cat Food” [] (Thanks to Sandi!)

“Nutro Cat Food Recall”
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