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An earlier post misrepresented RadioShack's policies and procedures.

An earlier post misrepresented RadioShack’s policies and procedures.

RadioShack does not resell merchandise that is customizable, such as wireless phones. If an activated handset is returned to RadioShack, that handset is returned to the wireless carrier . . . not to the shelf.

RadioShack is moving toward instant rebates because it is more customer friendly. We have heard from our customers that they prefer instant rebates rather than mail-in rebates.

The activation of wireless handsets typically requires less than thirty minutes, however, it is dependent upon the wireless carrier’s activation system. Occasionally, activations can require several hours due to peak times of high demand on the carrier’s activation system or to authenticate an account in order to fulfill the customer’s request to port their existing telephone number from one carrier to another.

RadioShack associates strive to enhance the in-store shopping experience by listening to our customers, offering advice and helping them choose the best technology to meet their personal needs. Any suggestion that our associates would act in a way that disregards our customers’ best interests is disturbing to us because it does not accurately reflect our culture.

RadioShack Customer Care

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