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The customer experience described in this posting clearly does not meet our expectations. Although we are still reviewing the matter internally, we want to apologize to Chris’ fiancée for the unfortunate exchange that’s described here.


Those ATM door-opener scanners work with *any* card with a magnetic strip. It makes sense since they need to work with other bank’s cards and it’s not worth making a call back to a server that actually checks the info on the strip before allowing entry (ever notice how quickly the door unlocks?).


@citking: Sandals in Ocho Rios was wonderful, but I would suggest going to a travel agent who specializes in Sandals resorts as 1) They know all of the resorts and can help to pick the right property to match your personal interests and what you want to do while on site, and 2) because they send so many customers to the resorts, they can often get you free upgrades in your room or extra perks (if the hotel has a vacancy at that room level).


Shannon O here. I did indeed have a functional BOA credit card with me, but that is not the point. What if I hadn’t? What if they had shut that down too?


Now I’m not going to know if my friends want me to take an IQ quiz or not.


OP here. He’s pretty much a lunatic but eventually refunded me my money and this would have never started if I didnt use an expletive. However, for him to explode like that as a seller and refuse to refund me my money is still much worse, and actually illegal. Unlike cursing, which is not.


If they call you, or knock on your door, you don’t want it.


if you want a possible reason behind why this guy things there is a condom in his soup here it is.


Warning: Those perks may have changed. One of my credit cards that I got for just travel no longer offers automatic trip insurance, nor augmented repatriation insurance (additional insurance covering deductible and costs over a certain amount),nor luggage loss coverage, etc… Honestly it was a bit of an irritation, as news was buried deep in the middle of the new terms.


I have an update, if anybody’s interested.


We appreciate the customer bringing this matter to our attention. As such we take it very seriously and we are currently investigating the issue and will work to resolve the matter as quickly as possible.


We’re sorry to hear about Eric’s frustrating experience. Please be assured that it is RadioShack’s policy not to resell used handsets. If an activated handset is returned to RadioShack, we return it to the carrier. Given that, it’s unclear to us how the application ended up on the phone (we’re looking into it), but we’re glad that our associate was able to provide Eric with a replacement Palm Pre.


An earlier post misrepresented RadioShack’s policies and procedures.


Banks generally use 800 numbers which would allow them to see the ANI – the actual BILLED phone number. Caller ID can be spoofed; ANI can’t (at least, not easily). However, cell phones and VoIP phones generally use a different ANI than their caller ID. If your parents use a landline, you should ask Chase/WaMu to check the ANI of the call.


TARP wasn’t a “calculated gamble.” Banks were instructed to collectively participate. The purpose of the act and the intervention was to motivate banks and other participants in the credit markets to lend to each other. Without daily interbank lending, the financial world ends.


On behalf of the Bureau, we wanted to thank you for your interest and comment about redeeming bonds that are no longer gaining interest. We wanted to respond to your comment directly. Although Treasury Hunt only has bonds searchable from 1974 on, if you have a bond that was issued before that year, you can write a letter with as much information you have on the bonds, including the registration information (names[s]) and address and approximate issues date[s]) to:


@TechnoDestructo: On behalf of the Bureau, we wanted to thank you for your interest and comment about redeeming bonds that are no longer gaining interest.


You could put a glass marble or something down your dead cat’s throat and then look for it when you get the cremains back, if you really want to be sure it’s your cat. Don’t flame me! I’m not being cruel or insensitive – just offering a solution. I’ve had to euthanize and cremate 3 kitties myself and completely understand his feelings! I paid the extra to have my first cremated on his own but then wondered if it was really my cat’s ashes or just some random scoop of ashes out of a pile. Then I wondered why it mattered since it was just ashes. My best friend was gone and the ashes were small consolation. I thought they would be important after he died but when I got them back, they meant nothing to me. He was still gone.