TGI Friday's Snake Head Incident Becomes A Cold Case

The decomposed snake head that a Clifton Park, NY man discovered in his side portion of broccoli has reached the end of its strange, unappetizing journey—for now. Since Consumerist broke the story back in May, there have been no leads.

With no leads in the case, the snake is chilling in a refrigerated State Police evidence locker until a witness comes forward, or the statute of limitations for the case is up.

The statute of limitations would be three years for a crime alleged to be a public health hazard, five years if it’s a felony, a local law enforcement official said.

[State Trooper Maureen] Tuffey said it may seem odd that the tiny beast’s head must be kept in the cooler, but it’s not unusual in her line of work.

“We’ve had worse things than a small snake’s head, and it doesn’t take up much room,” she said.

Poor, innocent snake’s head—evidently it’s keeping some very bad company these days. If only it could talk, and explain how it got into a side dish.

T.G.I. Friday’s snake head a cold case [Albany Times Union] (Thanks, Naomi!)

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