'Less Plastic' Label On Mega-Plasticked Thumb Drives Makes Us Wonder What 'More Plastic' Looks Like

Thumb drives on sale at Costco now proudly boast “Now Packaged With Less Plastic” labels on their cumbersome, plastic-riffic packaging.

She writes:

My husband came home from Costco the other day with a package of three thumb drives. He held up the package to show me the excessive use of plastic.

He wanted it made clear to me how thick the sides were as well.

I said, “Yeah, not surprising.”

He said, “But you haven’t seen the best part.” That’s when he pointed out the little green label in the corner.

And that’s when my brain broke. It packed itself up, leaked out my ears, and took off for a permanent vacation on a nice, quiet beach somewhere. Because to even contemplate how much plastic there used to be might cause a hemorrhage.

With packaging like this, that advice Dustin Hoffman received in “The Graduate” continues to ring true.

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