Commerce Bank/Metro Bank Shows How Not To Handle A Bank Changeover

Commerce Bank in central Pennsylvania is changing its name. Former Commerce Banks in that area will now be called Metro Bank. Yawn, right? Banks merge and change names all the time. What they don’t normally do is cancel ATM cards with no notice, and lock customers out of their accounts due to those changes. Maybe this is a new trend.

Several readers wrote in to us independently. Mitch reports:

People’s ATM cards aren’t working, their new online banking system is so bad it’s hard to tell when my bills are getting paid, I’ve had a lot of things double-post causing my account to almost overdraw, and the customer service wait times are 45 minutes or more.

Lauralee shared her story earlier today:

Commerce moved to Metro Bank, and yesterday was the example of how NOT to do a conversion. I’ve filed a complaint with consumer affairs. Tried to file one with the PA state Banking regulators, but these guys don’t fall under their jurisdiction.

I was out of state at the time. My online banking didn’t work; my ATM card and my debit card didn’t work. Customer service hold time was outrageous and the number provided on the website for tech help was bogus. The one time I did get through, I was hung up on by the rep because she didn’t hear me. Sure. I kept calling the branch and they were helpful, but seemed as confused as me.

I was debited my account $100, that I never received. Still hasn’t been credited.

Still nothing from the company. Not even on their website, communicating any issue.

Meanwhile, Dave in Harrisburg blogged about his experience, and proposes a new slogan for the new bank:

Metro Bank: Go F Yourself, Pennsylvania.

Metro Bank Harrisburg: An Example in Failure [Floor9]

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