Cox Sees Your Double Payment, Raises You A Double Bill

Tamera accidentally paid her $134.61 Cox Cable bill twice, but instead of refunding or acknowledging the overpayment, Cox thought it would be fun to send Tamera an extra bill for $269. If she’s lucky, Cox says they’ll consider waiving their late fee.

Tamera writes:

I’m writing to tell you about my maddening odyssey with Cox Cable. Early in May, 2009, I authorized a payment to them through my bank’s online bill pay service for $134.61. My husband has had his hours cut at work and we’re squeaking by. We can pay our bills but since I have my priorities in order (rent, food, utilities, medical, car note, THEN extras such as cable) I scheduled it for the 18th of May, knowing the payment would be a few days late. Still it would be less than 10 days late and Cox is “usually” flexible as long as you’re paid up by the time the next bill cuts. Since the hubby got a few hours overtime I changed their pay date last minute to 5/15. The payment posted that day and we wound up being less than a week overdue in the end.

The following Monday, 5/18 I found the bill pay program hadn’t cancelled the original payment scheduled for 5/18 and therefore Cox Cable was paid twice, once on the 15th and again on the 18th for the same amount. I quickly contacted the bank, they explained it was a computer glitch and that since Cox had already accepted the 2nd transfer they couldn’t reverse it. To my surprise they have reversed ALL overdraft fees and freely admitted it was THEIR error NOT mine! They advised me to contact Cox, explain the situation and request a reversal.

I called Cox (the computer menu told me on Monday 5/18 I had a $0 balance) The 1st CSR I spoke with at Cox suggested they may not be willing to refund the overpayment since I had been late with the initial payment. I pointed out that we were now current and there was no amount currently due. When she suggested we just let them keep it for next month I asked her what I should tell the power company, for whom the funds from the overpayment had been earmarked, and what made her think cable television was a higher priority than electricity in our lives (and reminded her the cable didn’t work if we didn’t have electricity). She agreed to have a refund check available to pick up at the accounting office within 48 hours. She promised to call the following day with an update. Yeah, sure.

Wednesday came and not having heard from her I paid a visit to the local branch office. The young man was very confused. I had a $0 balance he said. I explained the situation to him. He went in the back to “see if the check was there”. Of course there wasn’t. He then typed copious notes into his computer and swore he’d let me know what he found out. Surprisingly, he did call back but we were out so he left a voice mail. He said we needed to bring in a print out from the bank showing the balances before and after BOTH transactions (WTF??) and they would go from there. I have no idea why but I still complied the following day. They got the print outs, AND a letter from the branch manager stating it was THEIR computer glitch that caused the double payment, that I had NOT authorized them !to receive 2 payments and suggesting they refund the 2nd. This time, the woman I saw said it was noted the payment WAS noted as due to be refunded but she didn’t know in what form. I had been told A) they can’t refund back to a checking account, only a credit card B) they can write a check and it can be picked up locally C) They can write a check and it CAN’T be picked it, it must be mailed from KY and D) Of course they can credit it back to my checking account. This woman swore she’d contact me by close of business that day with an update. Yeah, sure.

On Thursday I received an E-Bill for the EXACT amount of the overpayment, due on the 28th. And my payment on the 15th had NOT been credited. They now insist I have a past due balance AND a bill due. A week ago I owed NOTHING. Today, I owe $269! I lost my temper on the phone with the CSR and told them it was out and out theft and that if the situation were reversed I’d be hounded day and night, maybe even sitting in jail on fraud charges. Since when did the law start applying only to us and not to the entities we do business with?

If I’m lucky, they’ll just finally get around to crediting all of it to my account and waiving the late fee for the 2nd payment “as a courtesy”. Isn’t it time we started demanding more choices and more competition for cable companies?

Tamera later added:

Each time I contact them I get a different CSR who promises to “look in to the matter and get back to me”. You can guess how that works out. The last time I accessed my account online (5/28, the date the current bill is due) it still showed a past due amount of $134.61 for April and no credit for the current bill from the overpayment. I haven’t seen a refund either. Paper or electronic. Obviously they haven’t received a dime from me for this month but curiously, I received no E-bill this month either. At this point I plan to walk in to the Cox main office tomorrow morning and will not leave without either a credit to my bill for BOTH payments in writing and waiver of late fees or a police escort. If that should fail, the next step is opening a fraud dispute through my bank’s online bill pay service. My branch manager, having made calls to Cox on my behalf himself, is ready to fully cooperate in the investigation. Imagine that. You really have to suck to piss the bank off that much with your crappy customer service!

If a visit to the local office doesn’t clear things up, call Cox’s executive office and ask someone with actual power and hopefully common sense to take a stab at the problem. Also, since times are tough, it doesn’t hurt to threaten to cancel your services entirely if they can’t cut your bill below $100.

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  1. superj711 says:

    Just call and cancel. Say you’re going to satellite. They’ll fix it post haste.

    • MrEvil says:

      @superj711: Doesn’t work on SuddenSTINK cable. I told them I was switching to Sattelite TV Service and they thought they were doing me a goddamn favor by offering me $5 off my bill for three months. I told them to get bent and I’ll take my Digital cable box back the next day.

    • kaceetheconsumer says:

      @superj711: Dont count on it. When we moved to another state where Cox doesn’t even offer services, they tried to hit us up for contract termination fees…except we never had a contract.

      We had a horrendous time with them, jumping through every hoop they presented only to be told off for something else that shouldn’t have even pertained to us.

      Reps accused us of being liars. It was ridiculous and evil.

      It was only resolved when I posted about it on my blog and screamed in large, bold text multiple time to never use their service. Then I suddenly got email from a VP asking for details and when I explained it all to her, all of a sudden the worst if the managers we’d dealt with called us, very contrite, and fixed it all with sugary sweetness.

      I’d say scream about it, just like here on Consumerist. Cox is paying attention to such complaints more than any other source.

  2. Inglix_the_Mad says:

    Actually just call and cancel, cable or satellite isn’t worth it anyway.

    • gaywolverine says:

      @Inglix_the_Mad: Who are you to say what is worth it to other people. Some would say high speed internet is not worth it, or a car beyond a yugo is unnecessary. Either comment on the story or shut the hell up

      • pgh9fan1 says:

        @gaywolverine: @gaywolverine: @jackbishop: If they backed out both payments it is entirely possible to end up this way. She already said her payment was late. The next bill could easily have hit.

      • AngryK9 says:

        @gaywolverine: Who are you to tell someone that they’re not allowed to express their opinion? Either post something constructive or shut the hell up yourself.

      • HeyBickley says:

        @gaywolverine: While it may not be fair to make a judgment like that for other people, if you’re barely squeaking by it does seem like cable is a luxury (but the OP admits that, so I make no judgment either).

        I cut off my cable when money got tight and I haven’t missed it. Inglix’s comment was much less hostile than yours, so meh.

    • SnoopyFish says:

      @Inglix_the_Mad: Yah I agree. I have been without Cable for 2 years now. I was using Joost and now I have good ol Hulu!! =)

    • HogwartsAlum says:


      I’ve lived in places where without at least basic cable you have NO reception at all. Of course, the digital transition could have fixed that.

      I don’t know. I have satellite and love it. :)

    • mrscoach says:

      @Inglix_the_Mad: yeah, getting local news and weather isn’t worth it. I mean, there are storms heading my way at this minute, but why should I care? I guess I can stay on the internet all day, every day, checking the local weather to see if anything is happening.

      Where I live in the middle of nowhere you either get service from the ONE cable company or use Dish network with the locals or you don’t see local news.

  3. MikeF74 says:

    Not saying for certain that this applies to the situation, but…

    I always get messed up when companies show a negative balance with parenthesis instead of a negative symbol. I know it’s an accounting norm, but it throws me (and I assume others) for a loop.

    The first time I ever encountered it as a younger man, I kept paying the amount in parenthesis until I finally realized I was building up quite the credit.


  4. Benny Gesserit says:

    It was complicated but it sounds like COX backed-out BOTH payments – or they’re just insane in the brain. Show of hands?

    I don’t know of ANY company’s accounting system that would be confused by two payments for the same amount in the same period.

    • jackbishop says:

      @Julius Seizure: Well, even if they did that, it should be showing a due balance of $134, not $269. The only way to have $269 due is if they don’t post either of the received payments to the account, and then back out both of the things they claim not to have received. Which is insane, but we are talking about cable companies here.

    • Cant_stop_the_rock says:

      The bank isn’t going to be able to get Cox to stop being dumbasses. Relying on other people to fix your problems is a recipe for disaster. If you want something done right, do it yourself.

      • dragonfire81 says:

        @Cant_stop_the_rock: I had so many nightmares with this kind of thing when I worked as a Sprint CSR. First, it took I believe a full billing cycle to cancel autopay. So if you had autopay set up and for some reason you decided to pay early and then cancelled the auto-pay, you’d end up paying twice for the month since the Autopay took so long to cancel (funny how it takes only minutes to set up and an ENTIRE MONTH to cancel, hmmm….)

        Secondly let’s say you have a balance of $60 and you accidentally pay us $120 that was meant for a different bill or something. You will only be able to recover $60 of the $120 if you so choose. Our system did provide a means of refunding an OVERpayment, but we had no way to simply reverse a payment in full. My own supervisor told me this. We can only refund the extra, once the due amount is paid, there’s no way to reverse it.

        And on another issue, in order to get an overpayment fixed through Sprint the CSR had to open a case, in which they basically filled out a report and sent it off to some mystery department which could NOT be contacted by any means (e-mail, phone, etc.) and told the customer to expect a resolution within 72 hours.

        How many times do you think it took longer than 72 hours? Way too fricking many to count. It was common for cases to take a WEEK or longer (On several occasions I saw one that had been in the system for over a MONTH). You were lucky enough if you called back and there actually had been a case filed for you, many reps would say they were going to do it and then magically not do it.

        AND what do you think is the only thing a CSR or Supervisor could do if you complained about the delay in resolution? If you guessed “open another case and give you a 72 hour turnaround time” you win todays prize.

        That’s ALL WE COULD DO. Seriously, there was a finance department, but they were called collections for a good reason. They principally dealt only with past due/unpaid accounts. They weren’t any help with a refund case.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if Cox had some similarly stupid and convoluted system in place that’s making it uber difficult for the OP to get her money back.

      • clickable says:

        @Cant_stop_the_rock: What do you mean? OP tried, rather valiantly, to fix the problem herself. Did you read about her odyssey, including two visits and numerous phone calls to the cable company? Did you read about how she complied with the cable company’s requests for additional materials such as her bank statements showing her balances on given dates, even though there’s no reason she should disclose her bank balance to the cable company? Do you understand that the next action she plans is to make yet a third visit, herself, to the cable company’s offices, to try to straighten this out in person?

        Since you seem to have so many answers at your fingertips, young grasshopper, not to mention impackable speling and grammer as we’ve seen from your first post today, chastising an older (by his own admission) poster for incorrect use of singular vs. plural, please do kindly tell us what you suggest OP should do to, as you say, get something done right by doing it herself.

      • Benny Gesserit says:

        @Cant_stop_the_rock: Mom?

        Seriously, though, sometimes the bank does the right thing. When my cable company refused to acknowledge payment I’d made via the web, my bank’s CSR called them while I sat there. It went like this (her side only):

        We have a record of payment id 32dhs4 being given to you?
        Did we accurately associate it with account #20303343?
        Fine then, when can he expect you to credit his account?
        Was there a late-payment charge?
        Reversed. Good then. We’re done.

        This was their response to my dropping into the branch and asking “Did you send the payment to the cable company?” (My first step in trying to find the payment.)

  5. oneliketadow says:

    “AND a letter from the branch manager stating it was THEIR computer glitch that caused the double payment”

    This is the bank’s fault. Tell the bank to refund your money and let them deal with Cox. Then, find a new bank AND a new source of television.

    • NikonGal says:

      @oneliketadow: I’m with you on this. It’s the bank’s fault and they should refund you the money, then THEY can deal with Cox.

    • Rectilinear Propagation says:

      @oneliketadow: I agree. There is not enough blame being placed on the bank here, in my opinion. Granted, Cox should have been able to fix this but the bank shouldn’t be making her deal with something that’s their fault.

    • mac-phisto says:

      @oneliketadow: agreed. & every bill payer service has a section that deals specifically with “what happens when we f- up” that normally results in them fixing the error or eating the loss.

      of course, that particular section usually has more exclusions than an hmo plan, but i think this particular situation would be covered.

  6. lincolnparadox says:

    If you’re barely squeaking by, a $134.61 cable bill is a pretty big luxury. That’s about half of my grocery bill for the month.

    If Cox has a stranglehold on your area, then cancel and switch to the library. You can get entertainment on DVD (or paper) for every member of the family. You can use the internet. You can even get local and national newspapers and magazines, all for free.

    At least then, you’ll be able to pay your electric bill or put something into savings.

    • dragonfire81 says:

      @lincolnparadox: I second this advice.

    • PunditGuy says:

      @lincolnparadox: I was trying to think of a way to say what you said without blaming the OP — I think you struck a nice balance.

      Protestations about having priorities in order aside, if you’re strategically late with you bills so that you can pay them, you may want to make some changes to get your output more in line with your input.

    • JulesNoctambule says:

      @lincolnparadox: ‘You can get entertainment on DVD’

      Not in my local library system you can’t. No DVDs, no CDs, no VHS tapes — and even fewer books, since three branches are being closed due to budget cuts.

    • Acolyte says:

      @lincolnparadox: Cox is at fault but I do agree with the previous posters, $134 for cable without an income is a bit much. I’m squeaking by and Im on basic cable for less than $30 a month.

      • Julia789 says:

        @Acolyte: Perhaps it’s for phone, cable and internet service – not just cable. We pay about that much per month for a combo package of all three services (phone, cable, high speed internet) through our cable company..

    • chris_d says:

      I agree with you. $135 — WOW. Either get a better deal out of them or find something to do other than watch TV. It’s summer — go for a walk, play in the park, something. It’s NOT the OP’s fault that the bank and Cox are screwups, but if just one instance of double-billing sends your checking account into overdraft, it’s time to start cutting expenses. Cable TV should be the first thing to go (or at least cut back to the very basic package), along with cell phone extras like mobile interweb, text messaging… maybe even the entire cell phone. Cut back to the most basic home internet plan, or even cancel altogether if possible. Those things could save over $200 a month, or over $2,500 per year.

    • MrEvil says:

      @lincolnparadox: Yeah, I gotta say when my finances didn’t look so Rosy I canceled Cable TV. I kept my internet service though because I needed it for work. And the way my Cat5 wiring is setup and my phone jacks I’d have to do some wiring in the attic for DSL. Knocked $75 off my bill.

      However, My cable used to be Cox (who sold off to my current company) and my rates were the same as Tamera’s. I had their middle tier internet service and Basic Digital Service with Encore and only ONE Digital box.

  7. chucklebuck says:

    Cox definitely hosed this one up something fierce, but here’s a weird thing I noticed about the dates in this whole fiasco – it seems based on the info in the post that the OP has multiple due dates per month with Cox?

    She scheduled a payment for the regular bill amount for 5/18, which she said would be late, but not 10 days late. So that means the due date is sometime between 5/8 and 5/17. Then she got another e-bill with a due date of 5/28 for the double amount.

    Maybe it’s just because Cox thinks she never paid the previous bill. I’d have to find a different provider if the billing cycles caused me to get multiple bills a month.

  8. Ronin-Democrat says:

    This is why me no do automatic withdrawals.

    • Cat_In_A_Hat says:

      @Ronin-Democrat: Agreed. With the exception of a savings and retirement fund automatic deduction, I do not give any company full access to transfer payments fron my bank account. I know that autopay does save time and the hassle of remembering due dates for bills, but it’s not worth the risk of one company screwing up and preventing me from paying another bill on time. In the OP’s case, she is struggling to pay her bills on time and is on a “pay as I go” method of bill paying, but for others with a little wiggle room in their bank account, choose one day per pay period to sit down and pay your bills each month.

    • HogwartsAlum says:


      Me either, except for Netflix. I just can’t afford for someone to mess up the way Cox did.

    • Rectilinear Propagation says:

      @Ronin-Democrat: Neither does the OP.

    • mac-phisto says:

      @Ronin-Democrat: this wasn’t an automatic withdrawal. it was a bill payment thru a bill payer service.

  9. PittDragon says:

    I honestly did a similar same thing with Comcast. My payment was due 5/16 and I have it to automatically withdraw from bank because I’d forget otherwise. I checked PNC on 5/17 and no payment was authorized so I immediately went to Comcast’s site and paid the bill, hoping it wasn’t too late to pay without getting a late fee.

    Long story short, my June bill showed I had paid twice (5/16) and (5/17), it just wasn’t posted to my accounts yet until the following Monday and I didn’t own anything as basically the second payment put my balance at ($70) and since my bill didn’t change in amount, I had the exact amount in credit as the bill so my paper statement said no money owed.

  10. ubck says:

    I would suggest trying out a Netflix account. They have some good shows online and a whole bunch of movies that you can order on DVD. Also, get a set of cables that you can use to connect your laptop to your TV to stream the online/media player content to your TV. If you don’t mind waiting a day or so to watch some shows then Hulu is a great place for lots of shows too. Also, consider getting a digital-to-analog converter for your TV (if it is the old analog one) to watch local and free-to-air channels. I don’t have cable and don’t miss it :)

  11. panzerschreck1 says:

    hilarity in the article title

  12. G00MAN says:

    I cancelled my Time Warner service last year in June. They sent me a final statement showing a $0.71 credit. I called and asked when I could expect my refund check, “It will be sent out automatically” I was told. After 30 days I called again, asking when I could expect my check? This went on for six more months. I called every 30 days, each time I called the CSR would agree with me that Time Warner would have put me in collection if the situation had been reversed. It wasn’t about the money, it was the principle. I finally received my check this past February, after which I called again and reminded them of my many years as a customer, how I paid my bill on time each month and that because of the poor treatment I received when the roles were reversed, I would never do business with them again. I framed a copy of the check, hung it over my desk and I smile each time I look at it.

  13. Kimberly Gist-Collins says:

    $134.00 for a cable bill and the person is that pressed for money to pay the electric bill? Wow. If I were that pressed for money, I wouldn’t have such expensive cable.

    We payed $40 a month for satellite and pay $55.00 a month now for digital cable. I can’t imagine what would be worth $134.00 a month.

    As far as the bill goes, I would cancel and find something cheaper so you won’t have so much trouble paying your bills. We had Direct TV for years and loved it. They are a stellar company with excellent customer service.

    • Joeb5 says:

      @Kimberly Gist-Collins:
      cable home phone + cable internet + cable tv can hit $134

      • chris_d says:

        Basic home phone + basic DSL + OTA TV = <$50/month where I live = $84/month savings. That should be enough to pay most or all of the electric bill.

    • Darkest Daze says:

      @Kimberly Gist-Collins: They obviously can barely pay their bill AND opted for the higher end package since my cable w/ HD and DVR, plus internet is only $77. Of course, this is one of the special offers, but if they decided to charge me full price, you better believe I’ll be telling them to give me another deal or I’ll be on satellite.

      I find it pretty insane to spend $134 on cable/internet a month, but I also find it pretty irresponsible to spend that much when you barely have enough to pay your electric bill. Sure, yell at me for talking bad about the OP, but seriously, if you have to intentionally pay late and can barely afford it when you do, then you’re just not being very responsible for your money.

      If they can’t get a better deal, then leave and get satellite. If that’s still pushing the budget, then just get netflix and a $100 Roku box. Worst case scenario, just use Hulu for the time being. That way, you can pay your bills more reliably, have entertainment, and you should hopefully have money to throw into savings until your financial situation improves.

  14. Trai_Dep says:

    $135?! A month?! $1,620 a year?! Jeezus!
    Out of curiosity, is this the norm? Anyone have anything more than this?

    • Trai_Dep says:

      @Trai_Dep: Damn. Sorry about typo-ing the [/b] tag :(

    • TBT says:

      @Trai_Dep: I have Cox phone, internet, and cable, and my bill is more than this actually (I have HD DVR’s and 2 movie channels). Cox is the only option where I live, and they SUCK.

      I would consider switching to satellite, but I’d still need Cox for internet. There are no plans to get any other ISP in my area…the state is subsidizing other counties in the immediate area, but decided not to bother here because we have Cox :(

      • Trai_Dep says:

        @TBT: Do they have DSL down there?
        Mine (fair disclosure) is $14/mo for DSL, I used OTA (free, and higher rez than cable or satellite) and DVDs or BT (mainly TV shows I can’t get here, and ABC, which for some odd reason, I can’t get OTA in HDTV).
        So, I suppose if I tossed a Netflix, add $20, or likewise vid rentals for $25/mo.
        Even then $14 + $25 is a lot better than some of the quotes I see above.

        It’s odd that they’re subsidizing other counties but not yours. THAT must annoy.

        • TBT says:

          @Trai_Dep: Nope. No DSL. I am in what is considered a “rural” area, although I don’t live out in the boonies (PART of my county is quite rural, but its 30 mins away).

          At least Cox finally upgraded slightly…for several years, we had intermittent connections because “there are too many people using the connection for our equipment to handle.” Yay, monopoly power!

    • Friday says:

      @Trai_Dep: I pay about this much from Time Warner. However, my bill is split with my two apartment-mates, so I really wind up paying about $40 a month. If I lived alone, I would certainly downgrade to basic cable.

    • Etoiles says:

      @Trai_Dep: Our Comcast cable & internet package comes to about $120 a month, and the only add-ons we have are the cheapo HD tier (+$7), an HD-DVR in one room ($5 I think) and a second box in the bedroom (+ $4? I can’t remember).

      FWIW, when I lived in Manhattan Time Warner charged about $135 a month for the same services.

      Ah, isn’t life under a monopoly grand?

    • Claremole says:

      @Trai_Dep: In Southern California, with Time Warner, I pay about $125 a month, but that’s one level above basic cable, and it includes internet.

    • jenn7110 says:

      @Trai_Dep: It really depends on where you live, which company has the monopoly over your area, and how much they think they can suck out of the local market. In NC, I had digital cable + HD + DVR + internet for about $120 from Time Warner. Moved to SC, just the equivalent TV package, no internet, was going to be about $130 from Comcast, with another $50 or so if we wanted internet. Didn’t want to pay that much, and really didn’t want anything to do with Comcast here. Ended up going with DirecTV and DSL from the phone company for about $110 combined, even less now that we’ve gotten a couple of DirecTV’s refer a friend credits.

    • chocolate1234 says:

      @Trai_Dep: We have Charter, and cable, internet, and a dvr box will run you around $130 once the promotional period ends. When that happened to us, we just called and threatened to switch to satellite. They reduced our payment to $107/month. Plus, we have neighbors that pay us $20/month to use our internet. Not a bad deal. If we had to pay full price, we’d cancel the cable and use Hulu and Netflix.

    • Ragman says:

      @Trai_Dep: Fios with 2 HD-DVRs, one standard box, movie package, and internet. Runs about that.

  15. montrosepark says:

    Hi Tamara- I work for Cox and am happy to personally help you- please email me at

  16. savdavid says:

    It shouldn’t take a complaint to the Consumerist to get finally get some help from these sharks.

  17. Kaosian says:

    What I find funny is that people assume cable companies have a monopoly in an area …. they don’t you always have options. directv, dish, fios, u-verse …

    • mrscoach says:

      @Kaosian: But the options don’t always have local channels. It was only within the last two years that our area got locals on Dish Network, DirecTV doesn’t have this. As for other options, none available, just one cable company (which stinks)DirecTV without local channels or Dish Network with locals. That’s it.

    • doctor_cos wants you to remain calm says:

      FIOS is limited in which areas you can get it.
      Direct TV and Dish are limited if you are on the wrong side of your apartment building (or otherwise limited), and are prone to rain fade.

      All three of these would result in similar bill amounts for similar programming packages.

      And for those who are judging people by their cable bills, mine is higher. But I don’t drink or smoke. Watching TV and surfing the internet are my two vices, and it’s MY MONEY.

  18. Michael Belisle says:

    And [I] will not leave without either a credit to my bill for BOTH payments in writing and waiver of late fees or a police escort.

    If I had to place money on which is more likely, I’d go with the police escort. I’m just saying. I know it’s frustrating, but if the OP plays that hand, she’s going to lose. It’s not worth getting arrested over, since that will only create more problems.

    Take a stress pill and think things over.

    • halo969 says:

      @Michael Belisle: I was thinking the same thing. There’s no doubt she’s getting the run-around but if none of the dingbats she has spoken to so far could help her, what is throwing a stink at the main office going to do, other than get her arrested? So not worth it.

  19. nirvaeh says:

    I have Cox internet and TV. $135 as of 2 months ago (went up $10). I could go without the TV, but my internet pulls great numbers.


    Who needs fios when you pull 23M down/2M up on a bad day. Most days I pull 28-32M down. I really don’t want to cancel or do anything to jeopardize the internet speed so I guess I’ll live with Cox TV for a while.

  20. Bs Baldwin says:

    How did the bank post their bill pay on a balance that wouldn’t cover it? That doesn’t make any sense in the world.

    • shockwaver says:

      @Bs Baldwin: The second bill pay probably took them down to a couple of dollars, then the next thing that they bought pushed them in to the red.

  21. MrEvil says:

    I do appreciate Tamera’s statement about how screwed up the law is in this regard. If I went out to my utility pole in my alley with my F Connector tool and removed my cable company’s TV signal isolator from my line and then get caught…. They’d put me away. But if the cable company screws people like Tamera out of $300, they just pooch out their lower lips bat their eyes and go “But I didn’t mean to.” and they get off scott free.

    And alot of corporations wonder why they have to treat their customers like criminals.

  22. Richard A Irwin Jr says:

    Depends on what cable company ur talking about, 3 years later i still have a active drop for wow, hooked it up just to see if they ever realy “disconnected me” at the locked ped. nope, would still use it if not for Insight contractor ripping it up while burring a new drop.

  23. Anonymous says:

    If the bank made a mistake and the bank admits it, then why go to all the bother of dealing with the cable company? Let the bank refund the money they fraudulently took from your account. Who cares where they chose to spend it, it shouldn’t be your problem to solve.

  24. Biggbrother says:

    Late fee from Cox?

    Wow. They don’t charge late fees here. I’ve been several months behind in paying Cox, and they haven’t ever as much as sent me a termination letter. Several months ago, I owed $450 for 3 months, and they just sent me a regular bill…. with no late fee.

    I tend to view electricity, cell phone, and cable bill due dates as a “guide line”, since none of them charge late fees (or report too credit bureaus unless you never ever pay and they disconnect). I always pay them, but just never by the due date.

    However, I never miss a credit card payment or any other biller who levies late fees or reports to credit bureaus.

  25. pot_roast says:

    Wow. If you’re “barely scraping by” then it makes perfect sense to cancel the damn cable subscription once and for all.

    “Who needs fios when you pull 23M down/2M up on a bad day”

    I have 20mbit up and 20mbit down, and on the worst day, I can max either of them out. FIOS is only costing me $69/mo. We just watch all of our TV shows online. :)

  26. Shugardrawers says:

    I’ll jump in here as a friend YES FRIEND of the OP. Couldn’t get her to post, says she’s battled enough. Did get the ok to post myself as someone who has inside info.

    First, yes, they can afford cable. Our husbands work for the same employer. A temp cut back in hours was announced last second and for their dept it was 8 weeks. Being the largest employer in the area, with 1 phone call any local creditor would work with us. Cox was one and yes she did. They adjusted the due date, she got the same letter I did. Thus the short billing cycle for the next bill. The $134 is average for a phone/internet/expanded basic cable bundle in our area. It’s actually exactly what we pay.

    She told me they could make the bills but it would be tight. When I asked why they didn’t use credit cards she told me they were recently paid off. She said they were able to make the bills and that’s why they didn’t use savings. She didn’t think she’d have to.

    She said it was close but they were going to be ok for the week. Until Cox refused to refund. That’s when the tank of gas overdrew her. Causing other small things that would have cleared to overdraw her. Even with the bank refunding the fees she was left short.

    I agree, the bank was at fault and they should have dealt with Cox. They told her they weren’t authorized to withdraw from Cox’s account. It seemed to make sense.

    Before accusing people of irresponsibility you might want to ask questions and consider other angles. She might not feel answers are necessary but I couldn’t let this go.

    The strange follow up to the whole story happened last weekend. She called to tell me she’d gotten a check in the mail for $134.61 from Cox with no explanation or letter attached. Her online bill statement had shown a bill due for $269 then suddenly said no bill was due. The check was dated 5/29, the day AFTER the current bill was due. She’d constantly checked her account online and it said no bill due until Friday. Then it said $269 due again. It also suddenly said all kinds of stuff about customer goodwill and auto refunds and courtesy dated 5/19. I say they had her money the day the bill came out. They should have kept it. Today all that goodwill crap is gone and the screen print she sent me simply says no payment was made last month and that she owes for June and July on 7/3. Cox needs to pull their head out. You either owe or don’t. And it’s kind of hard to pay a magical disappearing bill.

    FIOS is just now available in our area. I know I’m going FIOS. Can’t get worse. I don’t know about Tamera but I have the feeling she won’t be far behind.