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  • Amazon: [Blu-Ray] Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Skynet Edition) Blu-Ray for $14.99 + Shipping
  • Staples: [Monitor] eMachines 19-inch Dual Input LCD Flat Panel Monitor $100 Shipped
  • Sandals & Beaches Resorts: [Hotels] Sandals Resorts: Up to 65% off 3-night stays, more

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  • Post: [Cereal] $2.00 Off Trail Mix Crunch Cereal
  • Mrs Fields: [Food] $5 Off $25 Purchase w/ Coupon FBP5
  • Lego Shop: [Magazine] Free 2-Year Lego Club JR Subscription

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  • Zip Zoom Fly: [Netbook] Asus First Gen Eee PC 701SD Netbook PC $150 Shipped
  • Amazon: [Movies] DVD Sale: Classic Movie Titles from $6 Each
  • Banana Republic: [Apparel] Save up to 30% or More off Pants & More

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  • American Eagle Outfitters: [Women’s Apparel] Aerie by American Eagle: Seven panties for $25 + $5 s&h
  • Oneida: [Kitchen] Oneida Sizzling Deal Blowout: Up to 80% off
  • ThinkGeek: [Gadgets] ThinkGeek coupon: Free shipping on orders over $30

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  • Newegg: [Cell Phone Unlocked] Motorola RAZR V3 Cell Phone (Refurb, Unlocked, Quad-Band GSM) $59.99
  • Dell Home : [External Hard Drive] Seagate FreeAgent Desk 1.5TB External Hard Drive $109.99 Free Shipping
  • Under Armour: [Apparel] New Under Armour Coupon Code Free Shipping (No Min)

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  1. downwithmonstercable says:

    Seeing the 1.5TB hard drive sort of reminds me of my childhood. My dad built computers and I remember him telling me he just bought a 1GB hard drive when they first came out. I thought it was totally insane how you’d need a gig of space, I couldn’t even imagine filling up a one gig drive. Now I feel that way about the terabyte drives, but I know in a few years a 1TB drive will be old news.

    I feel so old now.

    • SupremeCourtNominee_GitEmSteveDave says:

      @downwithmonstercable: When your cellphone has the same memory capacity as a “super computer” of your youth, then you are old. Now get off my lawn!

      • Chris Walters says:

        @SupremeCourtNominee_GitEmSteveDave: I actually said to my boyfriend the other night, “If I get a 3G S, you can have this 3G, and then I’ll take the old N95 and leave it plugged into the TV as a simple video server.”

        That is insane. And also, I guess, just shows how rockin’ the N95 remains.

        • SupremeCourtNominee_GitEmSteveDave says:

          @Chris Walters: Wow, I wish I had an SO who would give me an iPhone. Best I had was one who gave me a 1stGen Shuffle, but she took two of my teeth. I’m hoping you didn’t do that.

      • Eyebrows McGee (now with double the baby!) says:

        @SupremeCourtNominee_GitEmSteveDave: I just like to reflect on how my toaster has more processing power than the first moonshot did.

        I still can’t believe they sent people the moon with only 8 decimal places available. My high school physics labs had to be more exact than that!

    • pallendo says:

      @downwithmonstercable: Remember when we had a switch on the front of the 286 that would half the clock speed? Somehting like 16MHz down to 8MHz because it would run games too quickly? When RAM was ~$100/MB? When a 20MB hdd was big?

      • downwithmonstercable says:

        @pallendo: I totally remember that. The “turbo” button. And yeah I remember when we upgraded to 4mb of RAM. I bought a “huge” hard drive for my computer in elementary school that was 120 megs and it was like $150. EGA screens, PC speaker music…

    • Clark D Rutledge says:

      @downwithmonstercable: I remember my dad getting a new computer with a gig in it and going “I’ll never need a new hard drive!”

  2. lpranal says:

    I think I’ve lost count of how many editions of Terminator 2 there are. There’s got to be at least 30 or 40.

  3. Guvmint_Cheese says:

    The T-1000 was so bad ass, they had to go back to previous models in subsequent movies and tv shows.

  4. almightytora says:

    UPDATE: The Dell hard drive has jumped up to $149.99 now. That is still a good price for 1.5 TB of space.

  5. lannister80 says:

    Heh, just barely “morning” deals.

    You guys all hungover or something?

  6. gStein_*|bringing starpipe back|* says:

    argh, i *JUST* bought a 1TB last week for $92 shipped