Hmm, This Hand Sanitizer Is Full Of Bacteria

The FDA has issued a warning to avoid products made by Clarcon because they may be full of “disease-causing bacteria.” Our Consumer Reports Health blog points out that, ironically, included in the list are a bunch of different hand and skin sanitizer products:

Clarcon manufactures skin protectants and sanitizers marketed under several different brand names, including CitruShield, Dermassentials, Magic Touch, and Pure Effect. …One such product, Magic Touch, is marketed as a lotion, an antibacterial, an antibiotic, and a germicide that is “great to apply open wounds because it helps heal the skin without scars.”

Magic Touch is also a dessert topping, but that doesn’t change the potential bacteria count in it, so you should probably not apply it to open wounds.

Consumer Reports Health also mentions that good old soap and water works just fine for sanitizing, btw.

“Don’t use Clarcon skin products, says FDA” [Consumer Reports Health]
(Photo: Incase Design)

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