Hmm, This Hand Sanitizer Is Full Of Bacteria

The FDA has issued a warning to avoid products made by Clarcon because they may be full of “disease-causing bacteria.” Our Consumer Reports Health blog points out that, ironically, included in the list are a bunch of different hand and skin sanitizer products:

Clarcon manufactures skin protectants and sanitizers marketed under several different brand names, including CitruShield, Dermassentials, Magic Touch, and Pure Effect. …One such product, Magic Touch, is marketed as a lotion, an antibacterial, an antibiotic, and a germicide that is “great to apply open wounds because it helps heal the skin without scars.”

Magic Touch is also a dessert topping, but that doesn’t change the potential bacteria count in it, so you should probably not apply it to open wounds.

Consumer Reports Health also mentions that good old soap and water works just fine for sanitizing, btw.

“Don’t use Clarcon skin products, says FDA” [Consumer Reports Health]
(Photo: Incase Design)


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  1. SafetyMachete_GitEmSteveDave says:

    Lets not also forget that many bacteria and viruses LIKE alcohol. Especially Rhinovirii. Science Friday did a whole segment on it.


  2. Laura Northrup says:

    @SafetyMachete_GitEmSteveDave: Friggin’ alcoholic bacteria. Always ruining my parties.

  3. Cliff_Donner says:

    Magic Touch is also a dessert topping . . .

    And just look at that shine!

  4. CheritaChen says:

    Umm…don’t you mean Magic Shell?

    But considering all the stuff they apparently market this Magic Touch goop for, I guess ice cream topping isn’t much of a leap. Why, already they’ve added “agar” to the list!

  5. H3ion says:

    Now, new and improved, with extra bacteria!!!!

  6. edwardso says:

    we get yearly bottles of hand sanitizer (with carabiner!) from the people trying to get us to sign up for retirement plans. I use it to clean my white board and to clean up stinky spills on my desk. It worked wonders on fish sauce. Other than that i don’t use any antibacterial products.

  7. nakedscience says:

    Why don’t people just …. wash their hands more?

    • radiochief says:

      @nakedscience: Because in todays’s 21st-century-dog-eat-dog-world, who had time to go the restroom and wash their hands. People are juggling their children, their laptop, their iPhone and their Starbucks Mocha Soy Frappacccino!!!

      But I digress. People should wash their hands more. But hand sanitizer is lovely in a pinch.

    • Kimaroo - 100% Pure Natural Kitteh says:

      @nakedscience: Usually because when I’m in a public bathroom and it scares me to even be in there, I do what I need to do and get out of there ASAP, so hand sanatizer is good for that.

    • Kimberly Gist-Collins says:

      @nakedscience: Sometimes, the bathroom is so nasty, that washing one’s hands there would be worse than not washing. Sometimes, I blow my nose in the car and need to sanitize my hands after that, etc…

      • Munchie says:

        @Kimberly Gist-Collins: Because washing your hands removed germs that train your immune system. The more practice you give your liittle anti bodies the more harshley they will deal with the real bad bugs :)

  8. pollyannacowgirl says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t worry about germs? Okay, I won’t eat a piece of rotting raw chicken which has been resting on a pile of dog doo on the sidewalk, but I don’t worry much about germs; they’re inevitable.

    IMO, hand sanitizer is only effective for a short time. It kills the existing germs on your hands. But in about half an hour, you’ve touched a bunch of other things and the germs are there again!