Would You Buy An iPhone That Fell In Urine?

Our ex-stepbrothers at Gizmodo found a craigslist ad for a barely used iPhone, selling for significantly below list price. There’s just one problem.

As the posting notes, the iPhone was dropped into a puddle of urine while the owner was using it in a bathroom (we hope he was playing games on it and not using the camera feature). He wiped it off “really really good” though, which is probably good enough when we’re talking about urine.

So, Consumerist readers, would you buy this iPhone for $300? Keep in mind that a new 16GB iPhone with contract from AT&T is $299, so there’s no savings there, but if you wanted to go contract-free, a 16GB iPhone would be $699, making the $300 price seem like a piddling sum of money.

Pee-Tarnished iPhone for Sale, Come and Get It! [Gizmodo]
(Photo: saital)

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