One Man's Publicity Stunt Is Another's Vision Of Hell

I mentioned comedian and filmmaker Mark Malkoff in passing in a post about Starbucks last week, not knowing that he would embark on a new project this week. He’s making a career out of bizarre feats of consumer endurance, such as visiting all 171 Manhattan Starbucks outlets in one day, and living in the Paramus, NJ IKEA for a week. Now, as part of a campaign to publicize AirTrain’s new in-flight wi-fi, he’s living on an AirTran plane for 30 days and posting his adventures on the Internet. Yes. That’s an entire month. Most of which will probably be spent on the tarmac in Atlanta.

He claims that part of the reason for this stunt is to cure him of his fear of flying. So far, his zany adventures have included a foot race against giant sausages and, below, calling a game of bingo for the passengers on “his” plane.
This weekend, his wife comes to visit. She will join him on the plane.

Mark On AirTran [Official Site]

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