Dell Offers You $310,000 – What Credit Crunch?

Travis is well aware that there’s a credit crunch on. That’s why he was surprised when, according to a mailing he received, Dell decided to increase his credit line. Not by a little, either. They increased it from $2,500 to $310,000. Wha? How does that happen? He’s just a regular consumer. Does anyone who isn’t an IT professional need a $310,000 Dell credit line?

He wrote:

So I was flipping through the new offers from Dell to see if anything would suit the fancy of my fiance and, lo and behold, my $2,500 credit limit through them has apparently become $310,000!

I’ve double checked my account through Dell’s website and I still have a $2,500 limit. But that’s a hell of a “whoops.”

Travis later pointed out that this isn’t just a hilarious typo to mock on the Internets—he wonders whether anyone else received the same mailing and said “Woo-hoo! Shopping spree!” Not that they’d get very far.

So, the questions remain: How many people got this letter? Have any other Consumerist readers received one, with a similarly insane (and inaccurate) amount? Also, where on earth did the number $310,000 come from?

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