Best Buy Employees Find $10,000 Hidden In Computer Tower

A man in St. Louis dropped off his computer for repair at the area Best Buy, but apparently forgot that he was also using it as a bank. “Employees at a Best Buy store in South County discovered about $10,000 cash inside,” writes the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

According to the article, the employees called the police, “who ran a background check on the owner and checked the serial numbers on the bills stashed inside the tower.” Nothing suspicious turned up, so they returned the money.

What kind of person stashes his savings in his computer tower and then forgets about it? The same kind who takes his computer to Best Buy for repair. Hooray! We were wondering how to spin this into something snarky and we managed to do it!

Pete, who sent us the tip, notes that there’s an important lesson here: “Before you take your computer in for repairs, please remove your money.”

“Best Buy employees find cash inside computer” [St. Louis Post Dispatch]
(Photos: karindalziel, AMagill)

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