No More Erections In Love Land: China Demolishes Sex Theme Park Filled With Giant Statues Of Genitalia

Bad news for those of you planning a trip to “Love Land“, China’s first sex theme park: it’s been demolished before it could even open. Now the only giant balls the locals will see are government-administered wrecking balls.

Not sure if it was the massive statue of a penis, the rotating statue of a woman’s bottom, or the idea of sex workshops — but Chinese officials deemed the whole thing vulgar and misleading, and ordered its immediate demolition. Guess they were afraid that “if you build it, they will come”…?

If you still fancy a jaunt through an Asian sex park, try the original Loveland in Jeju, Korea.

China Love Land: Sex Theme Park Demolished Before Debut [Huffington Post]
(Photo: berbercarpet)

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