The car warranty robocalls may have ground to a halt, but are you still besieged by credit card and home mortgage scam robocalls? Don’t worry. Ever-vigilant Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is on the case, asking the federal government to intervene.


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  1. ColoradoShark says:

    How about just releasing the real names and locations of these bums? The calls have a high chance of stopping without any further intervention of the government. Particularly if you send them over to the folks at 4chan.

  2. ZukeZuke says:

    This is the 2nd worthwhile thing I’ve ever seen Schumer do.

  3. MinorAnnoyance says:

    I’m still getting 2-3 calls a day telling me it’s absolutely my last chance to prevent a rate increase on my credit card so anything they can do would be welcome.

    Especially since I don’t HAVE any credit cards and haven’t since I retired almost 20 years ago.

  4. razremytuxbuddy says:

    I think I’ve gotten auto warranty calls as recently as a few days ago, so I don’t think they’ve gone away.

    I’m voting for Schumer for FTC Chief, though.

  5. oldgraygeek says:

    It seems impossible to write any law that bans an established business, no matter how sleazy…
    That said, I think Caller ID spoofing should be banned.

    There also needs to be a centralized agency — it would have to be federal — that would accept and act upon reports of phone scamming. The current situation is:
    –You try to report the scam.
    –Nothing happens.

    • SacraBos says:

      @oldgraygeek: They aren’t banning extended auto warranties (supposedly the “established business”).

      I’m with you on the last part. I complained about an unsolicited pre-record call to my cell phone, the FCC response I got was “It wasn’t a violation”? WTF? They still haven’t responded to my request to explain why it isn’t/

  6. oldgraygeek says:

    My poor spouse:
    We’re disconnecting our home phone, but we both want to keep the number.
    We are porting the number over to her cell phone.
    This way, the same telemarketers will still call, but now it will ring in her purse.

  7. malarkey21 says:

    I received a call for my car warranty this morning on my work phone. I thought these stopped, but obviously not.

  8. bohemian says:

    Beyond the car warranty scammers that have hit every cell phone in our family we have also received plenty more. One phone phishing trying to get credit card information claiming our account had been frozen. They even had our bank name and our bank issued a notice to customers about the scam.
    The new one is student loan grants. Same spammy robo calling and spoofed caller ID.
    I have been averaging 4 calls a day from some unknown number. I have just quit answering any number I don’t recognize.
    I don’t even want to think about all the cell phone minutes wasted in total on this crap.

  9. starrion says:

    Provide the address.

    And the names of the corporate leadership.

    A half a dozen guys who can keep their mouths shut and an industrial woodchipper and this is an ex-problem.

  10. festivusfreeforallguy says:

    The calls have not stopped. I got one again today. I think they may have changed how they do this though. I clicked on “1” saying I wanted more info. I was connected to a live person who took some basic info on me and my type of vehicle. I told her I had a 1997 Chevy Venture with 28k on it. She said, “perfect vehicle for this warranty”. She then put me on hold and transferred me to another person. All the other calls have only one person dealing with me. I wonder if they outsourced the initial call and info gathering piece to a vendor, thereby skirting any govt ban?

  11. HogwartsAlum says:

    I get none at home but tons of them at work. I don’t know what they all are because I disconnect as soon as I hear the robovoice. Some of them are the credit card ones, I think, because they go “This is your las–” and then I hang up.

    • ColoradoShark says:

      @HogwartsAlum: If I’m not busy, I go through the motions with them and waste their time. If we all do this, their business becomes unprofitable because they have to spend more time to make the same amount of money.

  12. Charlie Springer says:

    Ever-vigilant Chuck Schumer? That’s funny.

  13. Koinu says:

    I’m getting hit by new ones now, and they arn’t phone calls (besides lowering my credit card rates, that was a phone call).

    I actually talked to them, made up a BS rate (7% lol), and they hung up on me! They are getting smarter, I’ll have to go with a higher rate next time around.

    The new thing is TEXT MESSAGE SPAM!

  14. FLConsumer says:

    Anyone with a telecom background getting any of these calls? Much like email spam, I bet harassing the connection (phone) provider to deal with this mess might do the trick. At the very least it would slow them down while they try to find a new provider.

  15. Winteridge2 says:

    Now what are all the astute GM auto owners going to do for warranties, now that they can’t find the anonymous warranty sellers?