Moving, Vibrating Chairs Creeping Into Movie Theaters

Normally when you’re watching a movie in a theater it’s cause for concern when a chair next to you starts vibrating. Not so at multiplexes rocking D-Box technology.

Think Disneyland’s Star Tours. Responding to cues embedded in the film, the Canadian-made chairs vibrate when explosions happen, rock you during car chases and hopefully will one day be able to cover your ears to protect you from suffering through Matthew McConaughey’s line delivery.

D-Box chairs have supported video games and home theaters, but are now eking their way into theaters, including locations in Los Angeles, Arizona and Texas. Ain’t It Cool News reviewed a Terminator Salvation screening in a D-box chair and said the ride makes it worth shelling out an extra $8 per ticket, although the experience is understandably disorienting.

The weirdest thing about the D-Box experience is that there is no center of action. The sensation switches to the point of view of whatever is most interesting on the screen at any given time. Rather that feeling like we were riding along in the car with Marcus and Kyle, we also swerved and crashed with the chase bikes, flew with planes and Hunter-Killer drones, swerved across the highway with the tow cable…so while you were participating in all the cool stuff on screen – which arguably is the point – there was no grounding sensation to make you feel like you were participating IN the movie. Just WITH the movie. Not that this is a bad thing – but I think we might see some stylistic choices in the future that might go one way or another.

Obviously, the easily motion-sick need not apply.

Massawyrm says D-BOX theaters seats just might be worth the extra $8 ticket price! [Ain’t It Cool News]