Crocs CEO attempts to pull company up by bootstraps

Since Footwear News isn’t on our regular reading list, we somehow missed today’s interview with Crocs CEO John Duerden, which outlines his strategy for getting the down-at-heel company back on firmer footing. Thankfully, the gumshoes at New York Magazine are on the beat with a full report:

Crocs have been on a downward spiral for months now. Fashion people have rejoiced at the thought of Crocs – the bubonic plague of footwear – succumbing to the economy and dying out altogether in the foreseeable future. … [But] Crocs are poised to survive, quite possibly flourish. In March they brought on John Duerden as president and CEO. Charged with turning the company around, he’s painfully optimistic.

Duerden’s plans for the company include more aggressive expansion into Asia, booting money-losing high-end lines, and focusing on women and kids, which he calls the “two strongest bits of the market.” Given Crocs’ history with kids, this could be a misstep, but the company isn’t exactly gaining traction with new customers, so its best option could just be to dig in its heels and hope for the best.

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