Crocs CEO attempts to pull company up by bootstraps

Since Footwear News isn’t on our regular reading list, we somehow missed today’s interview with Crocs CEO John Duerden, which outlines his strategy for getting the down-at-heel company back on firmer footing. Thankfully, the gumshoes at New York Magazine are on the beat with a full report:

Crocs have been on a downward spiral for months now. Fashion people have rejoiced at the thought of Crocs – the bubonic plague of footwear – succumbing to the economy and dying out altogether in the foreseeable future. … [But] Crocs are poised to survive, quite possibly flourish. In March they brought on John Duerden as president and CEO. Charged with turning the company around, he’s painfully optimistic.

Duerden’s plans for the company include more aggressive expansion into Asia, booting money-losing high-end lines, and focusing on women and kids, which he calls the “two strongest bits of the market.” Given Crocs’ history with kids, this could be a misstep, but the company isn’t exactly gaining traction with new customers, so its best option could just be to dig in its heels and hope for the best.

Crocs Determined to Survive the Downturn [New York]
Q&A with Crocs’ John Duerden [Footwear News]



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  1. laserjobs says:

    Crocs the shoes for people who have given up in life.

    • Easton21 says:

      @laserjobs: Or if you want to be just as lame as Mario Batali, who seems to be single-handedly keeping this brand afloat.
      I personally hate Crocs. I’d rather wear a fanny pack.
      I use them as a red flag. If you wear them, I avoid you.

    • cinnarose says:

      @laserjobs: Yes, that sums me up. I only wear mine around the house, however.

  2. geoffhazel says:

    My daughter had to have them a couple years ago but seems to have grown out of them, fashion wise. I wouldn’t be buying their stock.

  3. Trick says:

    I hate Crocs… now I’m not the kind of person who thinks we should tax cigs and soda because I don’t like them and the increase would never effect me. But I hate Crocs. They are the stupidest looking shoes ever.

    This is one thing I could will root for going away… either by financial or because people wake up and move on to the next stupid fashion item…

  4. FuryOfFirestorm says:

    Maybe they would get more sales if their shoes weren’t so DAMN FUCKING UGLY!

  5. Lance Uppercut says:

    Anyone who has kids knows these are the best shoes ever. They are easy for toddlers to put on themselves then they can play in any mess they can find and all you have to do is hose them off.

    I would never wear a pair myself though.

    • Julia789 says:

      @Cletus: I would not be caught dead in them in public, however, I shamefully wear them as “slippers” around the house. They’re so damn comfy! But I change out of them even to get the mail or walk the dog.

      For little kids, they’re the best. My son has worn them the last few summers. Great for running around the pool, etc. Kids like the bright colors. He hates flip flops “they hurt my toes mommy” but loves his crocs. I actually get the generic crocs from Land’s End. Half the price.

    • Eyebrows McGee (now with double the baby!) says:

      @Cletus: They’re also popular with nurses.

    • morganlh85 says:

      @Cletus: Exactly. Nobody over the age of maybe 4 should wear these. I was walking around town the other day and saw a dude of maybe 35 wearing a pair that was fricking construction cone orange, with khaki shorts and WHITE SOCKS. Ewwww. Ew. Just ew.

      • mzs says:

        @morganlh85: Hi, that was most likely me that you saw. My crocs are more than two years old at this point. It’s about time for a new pair. They are not only comfortable, well ventilated, but durable. Also saying, “look for the guy wearing traffic cones on his feet,” works great when you need to meet someone at work for the first time face to face.

        • SJActress says:


          I tend bar in an outdoor ice house, and thus spill beer, ice, and water all over myself on a daily basis.

          I can’t bring myself to wear Crocs, but I do enjoy Skecher Calis, which are similarly plastic, but shaped more like Mary Janes. It’s nice to scrub the nasty off of my shoes in the shower when I get home.

          I would NOT wear them outside of work, though. They’re far too ugly.

    • takes_so_little says:

      @Cletus: Maybe my students wear the wrong size, but the kids in those stupid fucking crocs are tripping or having them fall off constantly. Hate to sound all Old Man here, but kids belong in sneakers, period. Or even barefoot.

      • Julia789 says:

        @takes_so_little: My kid’s elementary school has a sneakers only policy. The only day kids can wear other shoes is for class picture day, when the little girls wear their mary janes with their dresses and the boys wear khaki pants and little loafers (so cute). Otherwise sneakers only all the time. They feel it is best for all those little ones roughing it up on the playground equipment at recess, and on gym days no one has the excuse “I forgot to wear sneakers today.”

        Some of the little girls were upset because they wanted to wear dresses or skirts and felt they couldn’t wear them without dressy shoes, but now they just wear dresses with pink sneakers and glue rhinestones on them. They look like a herd of little hannah montanas.

  6. LeighAegyptus says:

    I’ll never get the revulsion that everyone seems to love spouting about Crocs. It’s like they’re the Wal-Mart of shoes.

    I’m a straight, white male between the ages of 18-35, and I think they’re great. I have two pairs of the “off road” Crocs, and they really get the job done for light hiking and day to day athletics. The straps popped off pretty quickly, but it didn’t make them less useful.

    Sure, if I’m going to be doing serious hiking, I’ll wear my Keens. If I’m going to the office, it’s whatever brand my dress shoes are. (I don’t even know.) But my Crocs have been great for everything else.

    Of course, I’d even further horrify some of you fashionistas by adding that I wear socks with them. Sometimes even while wearing shorts!

    • morganlh85 says:

      @LeighAegyptus: And I’m guessing you do this light hiking and day-to-day athletics without the companionship of a female?

      • PeanutButter says:

        @morganlh85: if this had a ‘like’ button like the ones on facebook, i would give your comment the thumbs up.

        • Nicholeigh says:

          @PeanutButter: ditto!
          I like my crocs, sure… I thought they were ugly when I first saw them but now they have so many styles. I wear my crocs everyday that I work my 2nd job. My feet used to hurt horribly from the standing and now they don’t. That in my opinion makes crocs fabulous!

      • LeighAegyptus says:

        Close! I do this light light hiking and day-to-day athletics without the companionship of a shallow female. It’s funny… somehow I managed to find a girlfriend that was more interested in my personality (and my stunning good looks) than my aesthetically-controversial, practical footwear. Shocking, I know.

    • HogwartsAlum says:


      I don’t either. I love my two pairs. My feet hurt all the time and they make them feel so much better.

      I have a suggestion for the Crocs company – DROP THE PRICE A LITTLE. I’d buy a ton more pairs if I didn’t have to pay $30 for them.

      • jamar0303 says:

        @HogwartsAlum: Come to China. Crocs realized they had to compete with the multiple fakes that keep popping up so they kicked the price down to a far more reasonable $6/pair for the normal ones and $8/pair for the nicer ones.

        • HogwartsAlum says:


          I think a trip to China would cost more than $30!

          Although I will remember that if I ever go there just to go. I’ll leave room in my suitcase for extras. :)

      • Julia789 says:

        @HogwartsAlum: I love them for around the house. We have wood floors and I just slip them on like slippers when I get home. Comfy on the hard floors.

        I like the new crocs I saw that look like sneakers. They are styled like a regular low profile women’s sneaker or all terrain jane, with leather or fabric uppers but the crocs sole on the bottom, lightweight and super shock absorbing. Those might be nice for tooling around on the weekends.

        • HogwartsAlum says:


          Yes, I have wood floors too.

          My boss won’t let me wear my Crocs to work so I’m going to find a pair that doesn’t look like the clogs and wear those. The office floor is carpet over concrete. Ouchies. Even my Dr. Scholl’s gel insoles don’t help with that. :P

      • highpitch_83 says:

        @HogwartsAlum: Wait a tick… these vacuum molded monstrosities are $30 A FREAKIN PAIR?!?! I thought the only reason people would break down and wear them is because of their low cost?! I mean they clearly cost all of $0.25/pair to make…

        For shame!

        • HogwartsAlum says:


          Yes, but the crap they make the knockoffs out of rips and stinks and all that. The real ones LAST.

          It’s still too high. That’s why I only have two pairs. I just can’t afford that.

      • Nicholeigh says:

        @HogwartsAlum: check out amazon, they have discounted crocs and you might check and see if there are any outlet malls near you. There is one near me and I got my most recent pair for $9.99

    • Groovymarlin says:

      @LeighAegyptus: I totally agree. I don’t get the hate either. People who spend so much energy hating on Crocs seriously need something else to focus on!

      I first became aware of Crocs three years ago, when my then-newborn was hospitalized in the PICU for three weeks due to a congenital heart defect (she’s fine now, but gave us quite a scare). ALL the nurses had them on. I’d never seen them before! Yeah, I thought they were kind of ugly, but I was kind of amazed by all the colors they came in. And the nurses, male and female alike, seemed to love them. So I tried a pair, in a reasonably subtle dark sage green.

      Call them fugly all you want, they are like walking around in a little slice of Heaven. So comfortable, with or without socks. Anti-microbial and they never smell bad EVER. Love the little straps that I can wear behind my heels for more security, or flip up for slip on and off ease. Man, when I was recovering from my c-section, they were the BEST.


      I would never wear them to work. I wouldn’t even wear them to the mall. What they are good for is: hanging around the house and yard, walking to the neighborhood pool and back, running out for short errands like going to the post office, wearing to the salon to get my pedicure (LOTS of toe room), walking down to the end of the driveway to get the mail/bring in the trash cans/collect the recycling bins/etc.

      My daughter had a pair too, which she has since outgrown, but if she asks for them I will get her more. As noted, they’re terrific for toddlers since they can get in all kinds of messes and you just hose them off (the shoes, not the toddlers).

      @HogwartsAlum: That’s true. I especially hate having to pay a lot for the kids version, knowing my daughter will outgrow them so quickly (of course they have all kinds of knockoffs now, but…).

      • SJActress says:


        The Crocs don’t smell, but your feet sure do.

        Seriously, they do…I don’t know why you can’t smell it; I certainly can when I wear them (to work).

        • HogwartsAlum says:


          Mine don’t…maybe it’s just your feet reacting to the plastic. (Not trying to be mean – I have a shirt that I react badly to and makes my pits stink but all the other shirts are fine.)

      • Julia789 says:

        @Groovymarlin: For the kid’s knockoffs, try the kind at They’re built well, with good support (unlike the kind I’ve seen on discount store displays) and the price is half the original crocs. I got mine there, and my kid’s.

  7. Jim Topoleski says:

    I would never have worn the old style clog ones they made, but the new ones they are putting out now are excellent. I wear the loafer ones all the time at home, and if you didnt look at the sole you would swear they look like hemp loafers.

    • Jim Topoleski says:

      @Jim Topoleski: []

      these are the ones I wear

      • ophmarketing says:

        @Jim Topoleski: I have the same ones (in black). Incredibly comfortable, and very little indication (outside of the tag on the side) that they’re Crocs.

    • Anonymous says:

      @Jim Topoleski:

      I’m like you I don’t wear the older styled clog ones. I have a couple of pairs, a cute mary jane style pair and a pair of strappy slip on heels which I love to wear in summer as I can walk around in heels all day long but have the comfort of a croc shoe. These are quite possibly the most comfortable high heeled shoels on the market.

      I know wait staff and chefs that swear by the shoes they make for the food industry as, like nurses, they are on their feet all day too.

      I think the problem is most people only see the clog styles copycats for sale in places like wal-mart and think that is all there is to the shoes. There are lots of different stlyes on the website. I’ve tried on a few different styles over the past years all the not clog shoes have the same super comfortable sole as the clog ones. If you hate your shoes to hurt I’d actually recommend you give some of the newer styles a try.

    • Julia789 says:

      @Jim Topoleski: Those aren’t bad. I like the brown/tan ones. What do you wear them with, jeans? Khakis? Socks or no socks? I might pick up a pair of them for my husband. (Trying to figure out what he’d wear them with. I’m not very up to speed on men’s fashion.)

  8. tom2133 says:

    hmmm… $30 for the Crocs or $10 for the generic ones at Payless or Walmart (which were probably made in the same factory). I’m sure many other people made this decision.

    • baquwards says:

      @tom2133: they are certainly NOT made in the same factory they may look the same but are not even made from the same material. I think $30 is absurd for rubber shoes but they are comfy, I wear the clogs around the house.,

    • Jevia says:

      @tom2133: I can’t say the value is the same. I bought my daughter 1 pair of real crocs and 1 pair of ‘generics.’ The strap on the generics tore off after about 3 wearings. Granted, she doesn’t need the strap, but definitely the generics were cheaper materials and/or manufacture. The real crocs are still in great shape.

    • mzs says:

      @tom2133: I have been wearing the same pair of crocs for just over two years now and finally it is time for a new pair (they lack most of the tread on the soles at this point so they can be slippery when wet). Everyone that I know that bought the knock-offs had something tear or wear through very early on.

  9. Eli Bishop says:

    These shoes are perfect for children. Children. They make adults look like giant children. I’m all for them if they make another kind of shoes, but with the original Crocs, and all the knock-offs, the market is saturated. These aren’t like Teva or Merrell sandals that are quality, durable shoes, they are plastic flip flops.

    • PeanutButter says:

      @Eli Bishop: i’ve had a pair of teva flip flops for over 4 years, and they’re still growing strong. the mistake pair of crocs i bought, not so lucky.

    • takes_so_little says:

      @Eli Bishop: I disagree. I don’t think they belong on children, either. I teach elementary age kids, and the ones in sneakers stay upright far more often on the playground.

      • pecan 3.14159265 says:

        @takes_so_little: isn’t that logic anyway? It might be more convenient for mom and dad to hose off the shoes but at school, it just seems dangerous to have kids in shoes that don’t lace up or have the potential to fall off, strap or no strap

  10. Quake 'n' Shake says:

    I suppose Crocs have their place, like to wear around the backyard or something. I’ve never thought of them as appropriate footwear while out and about.
    I’m not sure why so many people have such disdain for Crocs when Uggs are a far more serious threat to our society.

    • Alexander Saites says:

      @Quake ‘n’ Shake: I’m still quite confused by the girls on campus who wear Uggs, a Northface jacket, and a mini skirt.

      On a related note, my friends and I converted the “Punch-bug” game to “punch-northface”. If you see someone in a Northface jacket, you shout the color and punch the person nearest to you. Unless they’re wearing a Northface vest, in which case you should punch them.

    • yagisencho says:

      @Quake ‘n’ Shake:

      I wear the off road model for gardening. My preschool daughter loves her hot pink cayman and will wear them anywhere.

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      @Quake ‘n’ Shake: I admit to wearing Steve Madden Uggs ripoffs…but the context was that my college roommate and I shared them and I only wore them in the winter when it wasn’t snowing and if I had woken up late. If one of us was in a hurry one could just slip on those things and be off. No lacing, no cold feet.

      That’s the only time I wore anything like Uggs. I think I’m allowed to do so if I’ve been studying the night before for a test and don’t have a bag of Doves chocolate in my bag.

    • Julia789 says:

      @Quake ‘n’ Shake: Uggs look like someone cut off a deer’s foot. They’re freaky looking.

      I guess I understand them in frigid winters, however, I saw someone wearing them 2 weeks ago, in 65º weather. With a miniskirt of course.

  11. ospreyguy says:

    I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old. For them they are perfect. Put ’em on and go.

    For me not so much. When I see adults wearing them I usually chuckle quietly to myself.

  12. Brant Gates says:

    Tell me again why I should give an F about what other people wear on their feet, or anywhere else on their body?

    • ShadowFalls says:

      @Brant Gates:

      I know right? Does it really matter how shoes look? Comfort takes top priority for me. If you plan to wear something for hours every day, putting all your weight on them at times, comfort seems important.

      • takes_so_little says:

        @ShadowFalls: “Does it really matter how shoes look?”

        Only if you enjoy sexual intercourse.

        • Glamourdammerung says:

          @takes_so_little: I must be odd then as I tend to take my shoes off during intercourse.

        • mmmsoap says:


          “Does it really matter how shoes look?”

          Only if you enjoy sexual intercourse.

          I think that rule only applies to girl-on-girl action. I can’t think of many guys who care about what shoes their partner is wearing…While FM shoes are nice, the real action is a couple of feet north.

    • dangermike says:

      @Brant Gates: Because these shoes are the downfalls of society. Duh. Way to make the terrorists win.

  13. bohemian says:

    They look utterly stupid on adults, sort of like clown shoes.
    The saddest is when worn with those cheap Hanes sweats with the elastic at the ankle and a worn out baggy tshirt with some random business printed on it.

  14. Shoelace says:

    I have crocs that are a few years old, are extremely comfortable, and are wearing well. Easy to clean, not quite as easy to look at, but I still love them.

  15. StevieWonder says:

    I see that the writer of this post doesn’t want to take credit for their awful puns. Fair enough; I would try to do the same.

    I’m not too concerned about Crocs. If people like them, more power to them.

  16. ohayou_kun says:

    I hope they die, they’re freaking hideous on both adults and children. Not only do they burn the eyes of fashionably aware, but I’m pretty sure a prime breeding ground for many types of foot fungus.

    • baquwards says:

      @ohayou_kun: The material that REAL crocs are made from is anti microbial and odor resistant. Given the fact that these can be so easily cleaned means that they can be far cleaner than almost any other type of shoe.

      • HogwartsAlum says:


        Oh yeah. I wear mine to mow the lawn and all I have to do is give ’em a quick scrub and they’re good to go. And they don’t smell at all.

      • MeOhMy says:

        @baquwards: Yeah how many other shoes can you put in the dishwasher (or the autoclave if you have access to one)?

      • Julia789 says:

        @baquwards: They are easy to clean and sanitary. You’re right.

        A problem a lot of people have is they mistakenly buy them too small, so their feet sweat as if they were wrapped in plastic wrap. Crocs (clog style) are supposed to be worn a little loose, so air circulates when you walk. I think a half-size bigger than people normally wear?

  17. YamkaAlpaca says:

    Crocs have more than just the clog shoe. Their line is actually growing. I would expect the CEO could power a great turnaround…

  18. valen says:

    Crocs sell because they are inexpensive and easy to maintain. They work well as ugly expendable footwear. However, Crocs are too clunky and ugly for general purpose usage.

    As for inexpensive and easy to maintain general purpose footwear, I recommend going barefoot. Barefeet allow the user to touch and feel the ground beneath them while remaining comfortable and water proof. I have not found that feature in any commercial footwear lines.

    • dangermike says:

      @valen: Amen!

      I always think it’s hilarious when I walk on rocks or asphalt and people look at me like I’m crazy. “Doesn’t that hurt your feet?” sigh.

      • CumaeanSibyl says:

        @dangermike: A while back I inquired as to how one was supposed to walk on rough surfaces after using the PedEgg to remove all your foot calluses, and people thought I was insane. Well, maybe I don’t want to put on my shoes to go get the mail, geez.

        • MeOhMy says:

          @CumaeanSibyl: Yeah my wife is always saying “You should come get a pedicure with me…it will be fun and they will make your feet so soft…you won’t have any more of the leathery skin on the bottom of your foot!”

          Uhhh…I spent a lifetime developing that leathery skin and it allows me painlessly to walk barefoot on all kinds of terrain!

          But I still love my crocs.

    • jstonemo says:

      @valen: I tease my girls all the time about running everywhere barefoot. I call them hippys. It’s all in fun, but I hate being barefoot. The same reason I don’t wear animal loin clothes either. We have pants and shoes nowadays. Just kidding!

    • Groovymarlin says:

      @valen: Uh, when I was a young teen I used to run all over our neighborhood barefoot.

      Then I got plantar warts. Which had to be removed by a podiatrist. After he shot my feet full of novocaine between my toes.

      I wore shoes after that.

  19. juri squared says:

    I have a pair of Crocs flip-flops, and I get compliments on them all the time. People are often surprised when I tell them they’re Crocs.

    I have a pair of regular clown-shoe-y Crocs, too, and they’re good for doing casual stuff. I know they’re silly looking, but it’s not like I’m wearing them to Le Fancy Restaurant or something.

    • baquwards says:

      @juri squared: I have to agree I have a pair of the “Athens” flip flops and people seem to like the look of them. Add to that they are the single most comfortable piece of footwear I own, I sing their praises all the time. I have walked 5 miles in one day wearing these flip flops, I have Plantar fasciitis (heel spurs) in both feet and had no pain whatsoever!

  20. HawkWolf says:

    Lemme take you up to my family vacation spot on a rocky island in Lake Huron and see what you think about those ugly, stupid crocs afterwards.

  21. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot says:

    I don’t care what the Fashion Policeâ„¢ think, they’ll have to pry my Crocs out of my cold, dead fingers. I wear them on the recommendation of my podiatrist – they are the ONLY shoes that I can wear without feeling like I’m walking on crushed glass, thanks to plantar fasciitis. What I think would be one of the smartest things for the Croc company to do is come out with insoles for regular running shoes, etc made out of the stuff they make Crocs with. Or even running shoes WITH insoles made of it. The sandals are nice, especially all the “newer” designs they have, but some more practical styles that were “year-round” friendly would be wonderful.

  22. Ihaveasmartpuppy says:

    I have a pair with no holes that I wear in the garden. There is nothing better for that use – easy to spray off, no deep treads for dirt and (dog) poop, easy to kick off and slip on at the door (hands free). WATERPROOF.

    I wouldn’t wear them in public though.

  23. baquwards says:

    My partner sometimes wears his to work. he wears khaki cargo pants, with khaki crocs and matching khaki socks and they are barely noticeable they don’t stand out so bad or look offensive.

  24. RB_Bhoy says:

    oh my god can you cram anymore footwear puns into this article!

  25. LuvJones says:

    I think the thing that gets me is that people are hoping this company will fail because they don’t like the look of the shoe.

    No need to worry about those factory workers being out of a job and benefits! Get a grip people if you don’t like the shoe simply move along. No need to wish for doom and all that drama. Seems really petty and middle school like.

    “I’m too cool for crocs, the company should fail!”

    I think low rise and skinny leg jeans are a crime against all that is good and holy, but I don’t wish failure upon the companies who make them.

    If this new guy can save this company, the benefits for the workers and their families far outweighs your disgust for a style of shoe.

    Geez, some of you sound like a bunch of A-holes!

    *no I don’t work for the company, yes I own 2 pair of the shoes*

  26. festivusfreeforallguy says:

    These are my favorite shoes to wear. I’m 41 and a big guy. I’ve got bunions and part of my foot is numb due to nerve damage. These are the first thing I put on in the morning, and the last thing I take off before getting into bed. Both of my children have them, and they love them. Sure, they are not the best looking shoes in the world, but they are comfortable. And guess what, once you are out of the “I have to wear the newest brand of 200.00 jeans and shirts and 150.00 Madden shoes” mode, comfort is more important that being trendy. Now, I do draw the line with decorating mine like I see some adults do. I have my limits.

    (then again I just bought a pair of yellow Crocs for 5.00. Ugly as hell, and only worn in the house)

    • Julia789 says:

      @festivusfreeforallguy: Before my dad died last year, he had a lot of foot problems due to diabetes (eventually they amputated). Crocs were wonderful for his painful feet during the time he wore them. They were also good for diabetic feet because they were anti-microbial and diabetics are prone to infections in the feet. Now my mother likes them because they ease the joint pain of her arthritis – easy on the knees and ankles.

      For anyone with foot problems, these are wonderful shoes. The newer men’s styles on the website come in casual loafers, too, with fabric uppers. Check them out! Someone linked to them in another post. I’m going to order some for my husband. They look like regular shoes but have the crocs sole on the bottom.

  27. Anonymous says:

    this reminds me of the people who think that macs aren’t compatible with pcs…

    crocs make a lot of different styles now, not just the clogs. i have the Prima ones that are like ballet flats, as well as ones that are like mary janes. they are really comfortable, cute, and go with EVERYTHING!

    and everyone that i know with bad feet loves the orthopedic ones.

    i think they intend to keep going with the different hip styles as well as the medical and service industry styles that are practical and comfortable.

    vive la crocs!

  28. bigroblee says:

    I purchased a pair of Crocs several years ago before they were in and then out again. Yeah, I’m not a trendsetter, but this time I was ahead of the game; I was looking for boating shoes, and didn’t have a lot of options in size 16. I’ve since found out they are great for when I go to the lake, the beach, and for gardening when I’m getting my feet wet. No smell, easy to clean, don’t fade… if you don’t like how they look don’t buy them, but please stop wishing a company to fail and put even more people out of work…

  29. MBEmom says:

    I am also firmly in the WTF segment when it comes to these shoes. First of all, I don’t really get plastic shoes. Any ladies out there from the 80’s remember jelly shoes? Those things were so uncomfortable. I know people say these things feel good but still, they are hideous. If we are talking about kids and fads, well, that has passed. Even with three kids in my house I have managed to get through this particular fashion fad without a single croc (or knock-off) being brought into my house. Believe me, it will stay that way.

  30. coren says:

    I got to the footer and I gotta ask if shoe got that out of your system now

  31. starrion says:

    How is this company struggling? The shoes are molded plastic that cannot cost more than $2 to make, and they sell for ridiculous prices. I was astounded to see them selling for $30 at one point.

    If this company is struggling it has to be some form of gross mismanagement.

  32. Outrun1986 says:

    I have tried these shoes and they really don’t fit me, no matter which ones I try. The plastic circle disc thing that holds the strap on digs into my ankle and my foot. Not to mention I have seen people with big red marks on their foot from the place that holds the strap on and they still continue to wear the shoe. I know people who have gotten blisters from crocs as well. I don’t see how people could think these are comfy. I have foot problems and I am better off with a pair of Teva’s that I already own or just a plain old inexpensive pair of sneakers, I usually buy some form of Converse.

    I did find a knock off pair of crocs that fit but I didn’t even think they were worth the 6$ that they cost. I would have just worn them in the house anyways and that isn’t necessary since I have a couple pairs of sneakers that I wear exclusively in the house.

    They aren’t so bad in neutral colors like black, blue and white but once you start getting into the butt ugly orange’s, yellows and stuff then its a crime against fashion unless maybe its halloween.

  33. Quilt says:

    Despite all the peer pressure, have I finally managed to maneuver through this terrible Crocs fad without ever having worn a pair of Crocs? May I be so bold as to say I don’t think I’ve ever even TOUCHED a pair of Crocs?

    Kudos to me.

  34. meechybee says:

    face it. it’s over.

  35. MissKissLock says:

    I don’t know anyone who wears Crocs because they’re cute- they wear them for gardening and walking around and just generally for not dressing up. I also had plantar fasciitis and it suuuuucked. I’m not wearing flat chucks or flipflops to look marginally cuter.

  36. BytheSea says:

    The only market I know who consistantly wear crocs are doctors, nurses, and vets. They should look into the professional market.

  37. Judge_Smails says:

    I see alot of nurses that wear these along with those giant colorful clown-like mu-mu’s they wear. Of course, those go along with the shoes…

    Speaking of nurses, why are the majority of nurses so unbelievably fat? They are supposed to be in the health industry, but nurses are among the fattest bunch of people I’ve seen. Could it be related to those mu-mu’s and these shoes?

    • Outrun1986 says:

      @Judge_Smails: I am not sure what it is with nurses, you would think they would be thin since they do a lot of walking. I have seen thin nurses here but the majority are short and fat, and no I don’t know what is up with that. Perhaps they eat a lot of processed hospital food from the cafeteria? That stuff will put weight on you very fast. I don’t mean 20lbs overweight either, I mean really fat. Suddenly I don’t feel so bad about going into the doctors office and being weighed!

  38. Syntania says:

    I used to be one of the naysayers, but I have since seen the light. I own a generic pair and I really like them, imho. I have unusually wide feet and it’s often hard for me to find a comfortable shoe, much less one that isn’t ill-fitting. They allow for good air flow so my feet don’t sweat, they have a soft cushiony sole and they’re easy to slip on. As for the looks, I’ve never been one to really care what people thought of what I was wearing, so if you don’t like what I have on, look somewhere else and leave me the heck alone.

  39. Meathamper says:

    This is the only company I want out of business because of the downturn.

  40. GreatWhiteNorth says:

    Well folks they are a footwear device designed for a particular use that got popular and ended up everywhere… My understanding is that they were originally designed for environments where you would likely get wet… to be worn by people on the pool deck and nurses etc. They are easily cleaned and dry quickly. They don’t stain easily and can be sterilized…

    So for those of us who have them for their intended use they are great.

    For those of us who have the lime green fluorescent version and wear them to work as a fashion statement… Take the advise given at Woodstock 40 years ago… “Don’t take the brown acid.”

  41. Murph1908 says:

    Crocs are HIDEOUSLY ugly.

    But beyond that, when I saw their price in a mall kiosk, I about laughed out loud. $2 of plastic pressed in a mold selling for $40.

    The China retail price shows you exactly how much you are getting ripped off.

  42. williamfranklinpearson says:

    You can pull my Crocs off my cold dead feet. Molon labe!

  43. Anonymous says:

    Crocs are totally and completely perfect for working in the garden. Shoes that stay securely on, are all one piece and can be hosed off and tossed on the mat by the door. Yes please! It pleases me that there is no insole to sog up and grow bacteria and they support my extremely high arches.

    Folks who despise them, apparently filled with disgust, because they are simple, inexpensive, brightly colored and don’t appeal to their personal esthetics are just being elitist. Go “invest” in some Pradas if their practicality and affordability offends you.

  44. vmspionage says:

    I think it’s hilarious that people get worked up over what someone’s shoes look like. Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your priorities in life.

  45. MyDarlin says:

    I too love my crocs and my whole family wears them, young and old. They are so comfortable! They are however IMHO expensive for their material composition.
    The little decorative thingy’s to put in the wholes are insanely expensive!
    But we don’t buy all that stuff. Just love the shoes and their ease of cleaning and comfort!

  46. bbagdan says:

    Yeah, crocs are ugly, but they will always serve a purpose for cooks, nurses, gardeners, etc.

    Of course their fad as streetwear will wane, just as will UGGs and Sperry Top-Siders. All are specialized footwear than over extended into the mainstream.

  47. Anonymous says:

    I’ve never been a big fan of the traditional crocs; they’re ugly and look ridiculous on adults. On my toddler, blue crocs with a Nemo clip-on pin look great. My wife discovered more of a flip flop that looks great on her. I tried and fell in love with the look (to good degree) and comfort. I’m ready to walk around Disney and Epcot with something comfortable — finally. Good luck Crocs.

  48. edwardso says:

    I got a free pair of crocs when they first came out since my store was selling them. I liked them but have upgraded to the maryjane style and I get compliments on them all the time. I also wear the offending Uggs on occasion and Danskos. My comfort trumps anyone elses aesthetic pleasure anyday

  49. trujunglist says:

    I never realized there was such animosity towards a stupid pair of shoes. Who gives a shit what other people wear if it’s convenient or comfortable for them?
    What’s next, the anti-flip flop consortium? I’ve always heard that the first thing a lady looks at on a person is their shoes, but jesus christ… REALLY? Are you all that shallow?
    Goddamn I’m proud of us. We’ve come along way as a species.

  50. Bs Baldwin says:

    This is how you can save your company: stop selling plastic shoes.

  51. mobomelter says:

    Honestly they may be ugly as hell but the Crocs Bistro shoes are amazing. They are non-slip, comfortable, and make me hate running around getting customers food all day slightly less.