FBI Uses Wire Taps To Catch Mortgage Scammers

Most definitely copying what they’ve learned from the badass HBO show “The Wire,” law enforcement agencies are using wire taps to catch bad guys in the cleverest of ways.

Now the FBI is mic-ing up loan offices to catch lenders in the act of mortgage fraud. The Bureau created a National Mortgage Fraud Team back in December to tackle the mortgage fraud caseload, which has tripled to 2,400 in the past three years, Reuters reports.

FBI Direcor Robert Mueller:

“In addition, sophisticated investigative techniques, such as undercover operations and wiretaps, not only result in the collection of valuable evidence, they provide an opportunity to apprehend criminals in the commission of their crimes, thus reducing loss to individuals and financial institutions,” he said.

By the way, the reason Mueller seems so confident is he doesn’t have to face Omar.

FBI sets up mortgage fraud team, uses wiretaps [Reuters]

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