AT&T Is Convinced Your Apartment Doesn't Exist, But They Can Still Overcharge For Service

Rouzbeh has tried six times to sign up for AT&T’s U-verse service, but each time AT&T cancels his installation request because they don’t believe his apartment exists. Nevermind the small details like the DSL service AT&T provides him, or the $287 bill they insisted he pay after they accidentally sent two modems to his apartment along with a charge for three months of service.

Rouzbeh writes:

I’d like to share a wonderful story with you. I moved to Arkansas after graduation for work at which time i moved into an apartment complex run by AT&T Home Entertainment. This means we get our DSL and Dish Network service through them. So i set up my Dish Network which carries an additional $10 maintenance fee over the normal price and attempted to sign up for a non-phone DSL line. At first i was given a two week run around because they questioned whether or not my apartment even existed even asking me to confirm the address. After some harsh words, my service was set up for a $25/mo plan. My first bill was for $287 because they charged by for two DSL modems and three months of service. Upon fixing the pricing horror, i was instructed to pay it all because if i didnt the system would list me a delinquent. So, as of this email, i still have a $187 credit which will run out in about a year because they refuse to refund the money. The two times i have upgraded my speed service and entailed my repeatedly promising to Jesus that my building existed and that i have active service.

A month ago they began to offer Uverse service since they put one of those giant boxes right outside of the property. Even get a $200 rebate if i sign up by 5/24. So, I sign up because im sick of these additional fees on my Dish Service and terrible TurboHD package. They immediately cancel it because my apartment doesnt exist. Keep in mind i have Wireless, TV, and DSL service at this address. I tried it again, and it was cancelled because for Uverse to be installed I need to disconnect my DSL service (they dont like my nonphone DSL line). So I placed a disconnect order and Uverse installation order. I called back the next day to verify it all worked out and found out it had been cancelled due to “customer request.” They guy was angry with me for calling to taunt him and i had to explain that i wasnt. So, we set up try three which fails to even go through. I go to a store around here and they set it up. It got canceled 3 days later, but i still get the “dont forget your install date” postcards. Then i spoke to the manager… he said that i need to cancel my DSL, wait two weeks, then sign up whcih would mean no Internet whatsoever for three weeks at least and thats if they realize these 25 buildings here actually exist.

I just signed up again, with a knowledgeable rep. She made a ton of notes on the account regarding the existence of the mentioned 25 buildings and a desire to not have Internet for more than a couple days.

This is my SIXTH attempt. Its so bad, that the property managers have yelled at the AT&T people as well. Please post and help me!

(Photo: jetsetpress)

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