Bizarre Pet Products: Feces-Eating Prevention Pills

One of the problems with dog ownership* is having to reconcile the concepts of “best friend” and “eats her own poop.” My late cocker spaniel, Lady, treated the front lawn as her personal snack bar, and was particularly fond of the gifts the local rabbits left there for her. I never realized that there were products designed specifically to stop this behavior.

The purpose is to deter stool-snacking with treatments that make it taste bad. Well, worse. The helpful note on the sale page for Dis-Taste says:

Product is to be administered to the dog whose feces are being eaten, NOT the dog who is eating the feces. Dis-Taste makes the feces taste bad to the offending dog, and thereby discourages him from eating them. In multiple dog households, where you are unsure which feces are being eaten, administer to all dogs.

Now if only I could have found a way to administer this stuff to all of the rabbits in a two-mile radius.

Dis-Taste [Drs. Foster and Smith]
For-Bid for Cats [Drs. Foster and Smith] (Hat tip to Rob.)

(Photo: Laura Northrup)

* – By which I mean the ownership of humans by dogs.

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