Circuit City Has Left Us, But Its Uniforms Live On

The Circuit City death watch is long over, but now there’s a way to preserve those memories forever—maybe even to outfit an entire troupe of Circuit City re-enactors. Reader chainofcommand02 was shopping in a grocery outlet store when he discovered several cases of Circuit City polo shirts. Yours, for only $1.00.

He wrote:

Hey guys, I was shopping at a local grocery store (the UGO in Knoxville, TN) that sells odds and ends, scratch and dent stuff (think a Big Lots for grocery items) and I came across this table of new in bag Circuit City red polos. I am told that the company bought them for $0.25 a shirt, and they are selling them for $1.00 a shirt. I also found a few of the XXL shirts with a Generation C logo on a sleeve. They have like 8 cases of these things in different sizes, men and women’s styles.

So, dear readers: What would you do with these shirts?

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