Car Warranty Robot Calls Senator During Meeting On Capitol Hill

First they pissed off Verizon, then they pissed off the internet, the attorney general of Indiana, and Congressmen Mike Doyle. Now the group of companies responsible for the car warranty robocalls have annoyed New York Senator Chuck Schumer by calling him during an important meeting about health care.

Schumer called a press conference Sunday to announce to the world that he has had enough.

“I’ve had enough,” Mr. Schumer said. “These are scam artists.”

“It’s bogus. Consumers should not have to pay for this or any other robo-dialed harassment.”

The calls are coming from a “variety” of different companies all around the country — and have proved notoriously difficult to track down and stop.

(For example, when we asked for help figuring out who was behind the calls, we got dozens of emails finguring dozens of different companies.)

Schumer called for a national investigation of the car warranty scammers — and urged consumers to file complaints with

Schumer Urges Inquiry of Companies Behind Bogus Auto Warranty Calls [NYT]

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