College Student Calls Amex Executive Customer Service, Gets His Limit Reinstated

Jon, like many American Express customers, had his credit limit slashed without warning recently. What he did next makes us feel all warm and fuzzy about our jobs here, because he found the necessary contact info buried in a post from 2007. Here’s his story, proof that sometimes persistence pays off.

I wanted to share a small but meaningful customer service success story I owe in part to you. As has become increasingly common in recent weeks and months, I received notice from American Express notifying me that my credit limit was being slashed from $3,200 (I’m a college student with little income) to $1,000. Not a huge deal, but still an unnecessary blow to my credit score. I received the e-mail notice on 4/26 and called immediately to find out why and to learn what my options were in terms of challenging the decision. I was transferred to an “account specialist” but between the accent and less-than-stellar support provided I suspect it was just typical outsourced off-hours junk support.

The woman ran through a list of reasons why I had my limit reduced, none of which, it seemed, applied to me at all. My credit situation has not changed much in the past year, if anything, it has improved. I never make payments late, and I never carry a balance. Sensing my growing frustration and knowing she had no power to get what I wanted done, the woman says, and this is close to a direct quote “Well sir, I’m looking at your account and it does appear you have a good credit score. Why don’t you call back during our normal business hours and they can help you appeal this decision.” I hung up.

Two days later, I called during “normal business hours” and spoke with a CSR and eventually got to her manager. They both said my account was “ineligible” to protest the decision. I pressed for a reason why I was ineligible and never got a straight answer, just repeated BS about why the limit was reduced. “Tough times sir, we all need to make sacrifices.” I wasn’t interested in a lecture so I hung up again and headed over to Consumerist to do a little digging on past experiences with American Express.

Sure enough, a post from 2007 with a phone number to the executive customer service office. Now four days after my receipt of the e-mail, I contacted the number provided by Consumerist. I spoke with a gentleman who sounded like he could get things done. He reviewed my account and said that I was definitely “worthy” to have my decision reviewed. The next business day I received a message from him notifying me the credit limit had been restored! VICTORY!

I sense that the credit card companies are just initiating blind, blanket limit reductions and in many cases the reduction is not fair. Thank you Consumerist for providng an invaluable resource and great entertainment. Keep it up!

We also have another post of email addresses to Amexecutives. Be sure to try them both if you’ve got a problem you think they should be able to resolve if only they heard all the details.

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