Should You Detox Your Colon?

Is your colon all gummed up with old food that you can’t seem to get rid of? Well, if you think it is—probably because some advertisement told you so—there are plenty of colon detox products on the market. In the June print issue (and online), Consumer Reports looks at the possible health benefits of colon detoxing and determines that it’s not necessary, mainly because waste doesn’t build up in the intestine in a way that would require some sort of flushing in the first place.

It can also be dangerous if you do it too much:

When they are administered too often, laxatives and enemas might prevent normal bowel movements or lead to a potentially deadly depletion of vital electrolytes.

Just eat more fiber. That seems to be the solution to most poop-related health issues.

“Do you really need to ‘detox’ your colon?” [Consumer Reports]
(Photo: Elsie esq.)

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