Struggling To Make Ends Meet? You Should Buy This Range Rover!

Unemployment is up, companies are going bankrupt, and Americans are struggling to make ends meet. Naturally, it is in these harrowing times that Land Rover wants you to buy a luxury SUV.

Land Rover’s ad for its Range Rover Sport plays off the recession theme several times, noting that the Range Rover Sport drives well on all types of terrain, as well as the economy itself.

The Consumer Reports Car Blog rips Land Rover’s pitch apart, noting that aside from the price, the product isn’t even that great. Consumer Reports notes:

What says practical recession-era transportation better than a $60k luxury SUV that gets 14 mpg overall and has much-worse-than-average reliability? Should things get tough, you could make a coat out of the leather seats, but there probably isn’t enough wood on the dashboard to burn to keep you warm. (Doing either would incur a damage penalty when the lease ends.)

We’ll stick with our Metro pass.

Recession vehicle = Land Rover Range Rover Sport? [Consumer Reports Online]

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