Sorority Sisters Suffer Ironic Laundry Detergent Injuries

A fraternity fundraiser for the D.C. Firefighter’s Burn Association at George Washington University included a super-fun Slip ‘n’ Slide lubricated with laundry detergent. Detergent isn’t supposed to be slathered all over the body, though, and can lead to severe skin irritation and chemical…um….burns.

In the e-mail, sent by the GW Hospital Emergency Department and the University Police Department, participants in the Fireman’s Challenge were given instructions on how to treat the possible skin irritations and were advised to seek medical attention if necessary.

“The Kirkland Laundry Detergent has been identified by the Poison Control Center to contain a caustic chemical that can cause skin and eye burns or irritation along with allergic reactions,” the e-mail read.

Disclaimer: I’m not sure that the detergent in the illustration is the exact type used. Kirkland detergent is a Costco house brand.

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