Jimmy John's Denies Existence Of Dijon Mustard

Reader Jarrod wanted a plain (they call it a “Slim”) sub from Jimmy John’s with Dijon, rather than yellow, mustard. This is not allowed. These subs come with yellow mustard only. All customers requesting fancy mustard will apparently be told that there is none available, even if they are able to see it sitting there.

Jarrod says:

I ordered a Slim 5 and asked for some mayo and dijon. The clerk informed me that they don’t have dijon only yellow mustard. My eyes made way to the Grey Poupon on the line.

The clerk stated, as if there is some sort of technical incompatibility that they could not put dijon on that particular sandwich. I asked for a side of it and he graciously declined reiterating that they do have yellow mustard.

I added the single mayo packet I desired, discarded the other two and was on my way.

I find it ridiculous when companies are so consumed with profits and margin that they’re blinded to fulfilling customers needs.

I understand times are tough and we all need to cut back. Maybe you could offer some sort of option to purchase some dijon without upgrading a whole sandwich and discarding most of the ingredients.

We took a look at Jimmy John’s menu and sure enough the Dijon mustard is “free” only with the more complicated sandwiches. And there’s no option to just upgrade your mustard. Guess that’s why those guys always have Grey Poupon in their car. Must be Jimmy John’s fans.


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