$4,334.86 Raised, Ben Eager To Test Snuggie

280 people have donated $4,334.86 to The Consumerist tip jar so far, hootie-hoo. The average donation is $15.48, which surprises me because I ask, “don’t people know you can give as little as two bucks? C’mon, just two bucks to spare at donatetoconsumerist.com.” But I don’t get any response back because I’m still locked inside the Consumer Reports anechoic chamber and there’s no echo. The odd shape of the sound baffling has ceased to baffle me. Instead, it has become my friend. There’s just one thought on my mind. Well, two, really. Firstly, how do I escape. Lastly, I can’t wait to get Consumer Reports to test the Snuggie!

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(Why a tipjar? We’ll tell ya!)