Walmart's Prescription Drug Couriers Arrested For Speeding, Smoking

When you think “prescription drugs,” you think of clean, sterile facilities, not three stoners driving 100 mph down I-15 with $30,000 of Walmart’s prescription narcotics in the backseat. Cops pulled the trio over, which included two illegal immigrants, and called Walmart to confirm that these were the folks employed to deliver their dirt-cheap drugs. “They said yeah they were expecting a delivery and the driver was late.”

Iron County Deputy Wade Lee says two of the men admitted to being illegal aliens. The driver said he’s been delivering prescription drugs for a company called “Nevada Courier” for several months. Lee explains, “He said ‘I was sitting at home and somebody called me and paid me $150 and a tank of gas to drive these medications down here and drop them off.'”

Police say the men are from Las Vegas. They had made a delivery in Mesquite, two in Saint George, and their fourth delivery would have been in Cedar City. Lee says, “I called Wal-Mart and they said yeah they were expecting a delivery and the driver was late.”

We called Wal-Mart with some questions. In an email statement, a Wal-Mart spokesperson writes, “This situation is unacceptable to Wal-Mart. We maintain strict standards for courier companies that transport products for us. As this was a situation involving a contractor, your questions would need to be addressed by the courier company or the police.”

Iron County Sheriffs say what’s frightening here is the safety of Wal-Mart pharmacy customers. Lee says, “You don’t know if they opened the box, no tamper seals, nothing… so you never know what you’re going to get I guess.”

And now you know how Walmart keeps their drug prices so low.

Illegal aliens delivering drugs to Wal-Mart [ABC4]

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