Angry Customer Tries To Hold Ashley Furniture Repairman Hostage Until He Fixes That Dresser

A man in New London, Wisconsin grew so angry about the broken drawers on his dresser that he tried to trap an Ashley Furniture repairman in his bedroom until they were fixed. The man’s wife reportedly said, “Paul, let him go,” in what we hope was an exasperated voice—we have a feeling Paul does stuff like this all the time.

As he was leaving he asked Kessler if he needed anything else done and Kessler took him into the master bedroom.

Kessler told the repairman he was upset over a set of dresser drawers and became extremely agitated, according to the complaint.

“You’re not leaving this house until this (expletive) furniture is fixed,” he said.

The repairman said he would have to order new drawers.

The two then scuffled in the doorway as Kessler prevented him from leaving.

Meanwhile, Kessler’s wife said, “Paul, let him go.”

The repairman managed to push his way past Kessler, who punched him in the shoulder as he left.

The man has been charged with felony false imprisonment. His wife is probably going to have to go pick up those drawers when they come in, too.

“New London-area scuffle with repairman leads to felony charge” [Post Crescent] (Thanks to Kraig!)

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