Pepsi Sues Coke For False Advertising, Demands Recall Of Sports Drink

Pepsi is suing Coke over claims that their new sports drink, Powerade Ion4, is “more complete” than their own Gatorade.

“There is no evidence, scientific or otherwise, that Powerade Ion functions better than Gatorade as a sports drink,” the lawsuit said. “There is no evidence that Powerade Ion will help consumers achieve better hydration, have more energy or get nutrients that will result in improved athletic performance.”

The complaint claims there is no evidence the “minute quantities of magnesium and calcium” present in the Powerade drink make it superior to Gatorade.

The lawsuit actually demands that the drinks be recalled if their labels contain the false advertising message.

“Defendants’ entire advertising campaign for Powerade Ion4 is a calculated, intentional strategy designed to falsely and viciously attack the readily- identifiable market leader, Gatorade, in the hopes of unfairly gaining precious market share,” the lawsuit said.

Coke’s spokesperson said that they couldn’t comment because they’d not received the lawsuit.

PepsiCo Unit Files False-Advertising Suit Vs Coca-Cola [CNN]

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