No Free Burritos From Chipotle On Tax Day, Again

Once upon a time, Chipotle used to give out free burritos on Tax Day — or so the story goes. Still, some people never forget.

The deal was, if you bought a burrito the day before Tax Day, they’d give you a Burrito EZ form which could be traded for a free burrito on Tax Day. They stopped doing this last year, apparently.

Phil Villarreal, friend of the blog, is still not over it:

I called around the four Southern Arizona locations and discovered that Chipotle is no longer giving out free burritos to salve our wounds on Tax Day. Worse, every employee I talked to said they’d never heard of the promotion. And still worse, three out of the four said they couldn’t say for sure whether the free burritos would be back in action for Halloween.

“We don’t know anything until the marketing department tells us,” a woman at the East University location told me. “Halloween is a long, long time away.”

Amen, sister. Halloween has never, ever felt farther away.

How cruel. At least there’s still Halloween… where dressing up as a burrito will get you a free one. (Shown above). Look how happy the burrito looks… eating his burrito. That sounds grosser than it is.

OK, now we’re in a depression [Philmguy]

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