Let Supermarkets Help You Save Money

Consumer Reports is gearing up to release their supermarket ratings, but the preliminary results show that supermarkets are trying to help consumers by extending sales and rewarding loyalty. Inside, six ways to save a few bucks next time you fill up your shopping cart.

  • Choose Store Brands: Look, it’s the same as the name brand stuff, only 25% cheaper on average.
  • Use Your Bonus Card: Yes, stores will track your purchases, but in exchange for that data gold mining, they’re going to shower you with exclusive discounts.
  • Look For Extended Sales: Some weekly sales now run for over a month. “Weis Markets, for instance, dropped the price on thousands of staples for 90 days.”
  • Clip Coupons: More than a third of you don’t clip any coupons, missing out on savings averaging around $1 per item. Even if you don’t want to become a compulsive clipper, glance at the newspaper inserts once in a while to see if they feature any of your regular staples.
  • Look For Double Coupons: Compound your savings by doubling or tripling a coupon’s value. This one’s only for city-dwellers who live in areas with several competing supermarkets. Sorry, farmers!
  • Make A Shopping List! Shopping lists are always the single best way to save when you shop. Make a list and stick to it. If a paper list is too much work, consider automating your purchases by buying online.

Consumer Reports will detail all of their special grocery store savings tips in their May issue.

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(Photo: kozumel)

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