Executive Contact Information For Sirius XM Satellite Radio

Next time your satellite radio goes on the fritz, use the following magic number to solve your Sirius XM problems…

Eric writes:

After being an XM customer for 6 years and seeing the programming slide steadily down hill, I decided to cancel my XM account (2 radios). Besides, I have other uses for the monthly subscription fee in these fun economic times!

After collective hold times of over one hour and fifty minutes, I had never reached the so called cancellation department. Naturally, I got frustrated so I called the Sirius Executive Customer Service number as listed on your website. They could not help me but gave me a critical bit of information: the XM Corporate Customer Service phone number!

(877) 967-4672.

After less than 10 seconds on hold I was on the phone with a US based CSR who was extremely pleasant and helpful. She canceled my account and ensured me that the account would not auto-renew.

Please share this vital data with your readers so that they may avoid the XM customer cancellation hell.

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