Teenager Tries To Bankrupt Family By Sending $4,756.25 In Text Messages

Here’s an idea, don’t use your phone to send 300 texts a day at school. Not only will your parents not get a bill for $4,756.25, you won’t go from As and Bs to Fs and you also won’t get your phone smashed with a hammer.

From the Denver Post:

“I felt really bad, and I have learned my lesson,” Dena said, with her head down.

Since she lost her phone, Dena’s grades have gone up, and the texting is down to zero.

As for the phone bill, the family says Verizon has been willing to knock it down to a reasonable level.

The Christoffersens are asking school administrators at Johnson Junior High School to crack down on cellphone use during school.

Dad hammers Wyo. teen’s phone after mega-bill [Denver Post]

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