New York Representative Goes After Time Warner's Metered Broadband

Rochester, NY is one of the expanded test areas for TWC’s new metered broadband program, (along with Austin & San Antonio, TX, and Greensboro, NC.) The people of Rochester are especially upset about the change, including their representative, Eric Massa, who had strong words for Time Warner.

Massa says:

“Just at a time when access to information is driving our economic recovery, Time Warner is moving to stagnate the 21st Century technology needed to rebuild America.”

“Internet access is as essential to our economy as water is to our survival,” said Congressman Eric Massa. “With limited choices in broadband providers, and virtual monopolies in many market areas, I view this as nothing more than a large corporation making a move to force customers into paying more money. I firmly oppose capping internet usage and I will be taking a leadership role in stopping this outrageous, job killing initiative.”

The Rochester Democrat And Chronicle says that Massa is drafting legislation that would prevent Time Warner and other ISPs from charging by the gigabyte.

Internet users upset by Time Warner’s usage-based pricing plan [Democrat & Chronicle]
Congressman Eric Massa calls on Time Warner to eliminate Broadband Internet Cap [Eric Massa] (Thanks, Kevin!)

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